I built an AQUARIUM out of WOOD! The king of DIY – Part 2

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  1. unless you're getting into breeding please neuter/spay your cat/s! fantastic build Joey as always, great voice over, really looking forward to getting your book! Happy Birthday Tamara!!

  2. Hey I'm a big fan of yours and I have a problem. I have a 75 gallon fish tank with 9 fish in it. Feeder/goldfish and I clean the tank once a month and everytime I clean I clean the filter machines and put fresh filters in and fresh water and chemical in and my water remains brown and cloudy and it's not clearing up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hi Joe.
    Lova ya work.
    Just woundering from sweden.
    Started an intress in Oscars from ya videos.
    Now i have a 720L tank
    And have 5 Oscar 2 male and 3 female.
    4 of them are pairs.
    But the last female. Has taken The center of the aquarium and makes fuss to the 2 pairs. Is it better to remove her to another tank or do they mix and match pair for breeding.? had dem from small size.. Now they are about 30-35cm
    Sorry for my bad english🙏

  4. Inwas watching the video of the bottom of the tank cracked, i wanted to ask you what kind on material you use to sit the tank on the stand? I just build a stand following your tutorial for a 60 gallon tank and is pretty flat and almost true but im breaking my head trying to figure out how to make it real flat and true and i notice you mention the material you use to accomplish that. What is it and where i could get it, thanks, btw great build on that playwood tank 💪💪💪💪💪

  5. One vid id like to, if you wouldnt mind, but show us the personalities of some of your fish. Im sure there are things some of your fish do or behaviors are just interesting to watch. You should know what i mean. What do you normally see when your typically off camera just watching your fish.

  6. I have two Savannah cats as well, sisters that are almost 6 months old. And they are into everything, all the time. Awesome cats though, I love them.



100 FISH ADDED to planted aquarium! The king of DIY