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  1. People: My 12 inch oscar can eat your 4 inch goldfish
    Me: Just wait until it reachs 1 foot and a half. Your oscar is gonna be scared.
    (I don't actually own a goldfish but if i do that is what i would say.)

  2. I have also a 250L aquarium and it is stocked right now with 5 common goldfish. They are amazing, very funny to see and the tank costs about nothing in electricity. Very exciting fishes!

  3. I would love to keep some bubbleeye fantails but I already have 7 tanks and only own tropical fish. I have no vacant tanks and the 2 tanks that i own that are 30 gallons or larger are occupied by my family's community tank and my pet tilapia.

  4. Hey man, I know you are more into the large rare hard to find fish. But I was just wondering if you know of a place for fellow Canadians to order things like barbs, tetras, and cichlids? I am looking for some shrimp Puffers and otos for my girlfriend and they are not super popular in my area of Ontario.

  5. hey love your videos there great just wanted to know where you order your fish from I live in Canada and I can't find any online places to order fish from any info is great thanks



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