i am sorry

i am sorry

The king of diy in the aquarium gallery opens up about something that has been bothering him.

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The king of DIY


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Written by The king of DIY

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  1. He used to have double stacks of 125's along this wall (10 I think). What happened to the other 'layer', the other 5? I know Joey won't see this, so … anybody??

  2. I know you focus on simple and easy to care for tanks but what about a silt + leafy tannin focused tank? Using a deep reds and natural brown nano fish with lots of sticks for them to hide in. Just my 2cents.

  3. Joey you don't need to be harsh on your self . Their are lots of people with bissy lives and we all try and rush but part of this hobby is retrying old failure and new ideas. I can't leave my tank alone because I'm playing with the filtration. As some people say tanks use too much electric. So i have one pump supplying a low flow media reactor, uv, returning to the sump i built and returning to the tank. But the one thing i hates the most was the hang on overflow that took me a year of tring tricks to keep quite.

  4. Since we're being honest, I've been where you're at and anyone who is passionate about anything has also. You are a superstar in our hobby and you have accomplished a lot. Not surprising you are always trying to find the next inspiration and keep that passion. When we take on new passions, such as family, that does not always leave a lot of time at the end of the day. You have inspired and taught many, and the hobby is better off for your leadership. I have some nano tanks as well and find a lot of inspiration in them. Your tank stand builds are great as well. Thanks for keeping it real man. My respect for you just went up several levels. Best to you and your family.

  5. Precisely why I stopped watching.
    You were originally going to do thanks showcasing different styles of Aquarium, and biotopes; and instead it became random fish. I used so many of your earlier videos for diy projects…there hasn't been really a good DIY project in some time.

  6. I didn't feel that you weren't trying at all! You made a whole pond outside even! Just here to cheer you on, and also the plans you talked about in this video sound very exciting and looking forward to seeing it!

  7. You inspire me daily. Going to an interview to a aquarium shop 45 min away so I can have a job that I enjoy. I'm also doing the same scaping my tanks and putting more time into how they look. Thanks Joey! Keep it up we both got this!

  8. He’s being too hard on himself and it seems like he’s being overwhelmed. I think he should just take a step back and go slower.

  9. I'm interested in learning from you but also in your growth as a person, as a dad, and as an aquarist. Its interesting to see how your spark is reignited by something as simple as a nano tank competition.

  10. Even if you don’t see this comment, don’t be too hard on yourself. Doing something you love while being a perfectionist burns you out at some point. The same thing has happened to me with volleyball, i used to love playing volleyball and i wanted to improve and learn constantly; then i found myself burnt out all of a sudden.

  11. Hey buddy new to comment on here but have been watching for a couple months. As a former soldier and spent 4 years posted Halifax I love that a you’re a fellow Canadian. Long story short. I suffer PTSD, it ended my military career after 27 years. I get not trying, not sure if this means anything but I have watched a video you shared that was very personal. What’s funny this video gave me a kick in the ass. I have lots of tanks all empty. Not for long. Thanks man.


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