HUGE aquarium gallery update!

A LOT happening in the aquarium gallery this week! So much to update you on with these fish tanks and fish!


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  1. joey do not keep flowerhorn with arowana o once dod the same thing.unfortunately the arowana died five year old blue base crossback same like buddy I asked a fish store about it the shop owner told do not keep flowerhorn with arowana

  2. I wouldn't actually mind just watching a timelapse or just a regular video of seeing the media jest spinning at the end of a video because it's just mesmorising

  3. Mr. King of DIY, I just wanted to say to you about poor little Frank, that has to hide in the rocks now with that beast making circles about him. Think about yourself in his position, in there don't dare to come out for food, have to wait for the water flow to carry some by, all the while hoping you will save him from this awful fear filled existence. I am sorry for speaking my mind about little Frank, but, at least I tried to help him.

  4. You should leave a camera in the tank for a short stream!!! Your tank is absolutely amazing by the way and I aim to take inspiration from this and have my own custom jellyfish tank one day!

  5. no hate but i dont see the point of having fish that dont get along well in the same tank..sure frank comes out when you beacon him but hes obviously being bullied by the arowana…seems like a waste of a huge tank imo if fish are hiding scared

  6. Busy man, much respect. I dont even like fishes or aquariums but you seem to really like your hobby and i find that awesome. Fish need to be free in oceans and lakes!!




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