HOW TO: Weld Acrylic

HOW TO: Weld Acrylic

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A short video on welding acrylic with weld-on 4… how to use the applicator, and working time.


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  1. having a "The King of DUY" movie night marathong from 1st to last. You sure have come along way and been a fan of your videoa for while. Ive saved so much money and learned so much it shot me into the hobby. Ive even built my own tank and aquascaped my tanks from the motivation i got from here. Its brought my fiance and i closer from having the same hobbie and passion, and for that im am thankful… trust me lol. But in all seriousness thank you. Im exited to see more videos and learn awesome new things!

  2. I find a syringe w/needle is a lot easier to control thin solvents with. If you have a livestock supply near you they sell them. Just use about a 18ga or larger needle and you can run it over a piece of sand paper or a stone to dull it down a bit. The tiny little insulin syringe needles stick in the plastic and snap too easy.

  3. I have the same kind of applicator from Taps. However all of the ones that I have no longer work, as the solvent no longer releases from the needle. Its this because the solvent has dried up inside of the needle. How can this be fixed?

  4. Would i be able to unglue acrylic after its welded. if so how would you.
    Im getting a 5 x 3 x 2 tank and want to tank it apart for shipping to my place is this possible. if so best idea?

  5. Absolutely awesome video!
    Can you (PLEASE) make a video about laminating acrylic sheets? I want to build a floor to ceiling aquarium (bottom floor, concrete foundation, no risk of structural damage). The problem is that I need a 1.5 inch thick acrylic sheet to hold it together. I've tried laminating but I end up with
    *uneven discoloration
    I've tried guides, read tips, but watching somebody who does it like a pro makes it easier (at least for me) to learn.
    Sincerely yours.

  6. Hey Joey, I built my own 200 gallon tank using the capillary action method from your videos. After further research I learned about how it is a less reliable bond in comparison to doing a 2 part polymerization method. Like using weld on #42. I read that this is what the companies that make commercial aquariums like 1000+ gallons use to chemically weld. It also prevents bubbles in the seam better. Could you maybe do a video on this method?

  7. great video joey.
    If i was making a small acrylic tank say 5 gallons, could i use weld on 4 to stick it there and then weld on 16 for the corners like you would with silicone? or is there no point for weld on 16 at that size?

  8. Thank you for the critical, and only obvious in hindsight, tip to create a bit of "negative pressure" in the bottle to avoid drips.
    I will also start using this when using (for example) thin Cyanoacrylate glue on other projects.


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