HOW TO: Underwater Waterfall TUTORIAL

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This is a how to video on building an underwater waterfall. It is a waterfall for your aquarium created using PVC and sand.

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  1. Joey, can you do one on making a cheap DIY marina Hang on isolation breeder box? I know it is only $10-15 but unfortunately, they run out a lot, and it is hard to find them for a reasonable price.

  2. Hi mate great video thanks for sharing, i created my underwater sandfall and im using 1mm sand, but yet after a few mins it goes cloudy, i was wondering how i can rectifie thos so its not cloudy i have also washed the sand lots of times and still gets cloudy

  3. Your method is good and simple, but instead of using sand i prefer to use stones in my aquarium leaving the pipe construction above the stones and still have that beautiful waterfall effect. Thanks for the idea, i benefited from it. It works better with stones, no cloudy mess like the sand. Thanks again



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HOW TO: Underwater Waterfall TUTORIAL