HOW TO: Underwater Waterfall TUTORIAL

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This is a how to video on building an underwater waterfall. It is a waterfall for your aquarium created using PVC and sand.

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  1. Joey, can you do one on making a cheap DIY marina Hang on isolation breeder box? I know it is only $10-15 but unfortunately, they run out a lot, and it is hard to find them for a reasonable price.

  2. Hi mate great video thanks for sharing, i created my underwater sandfall and im using 1mm sand, but yet after a few mins it goes cloudy, i was wondering how i can rectifie thos so its not cloudy i have also washed the sand lots of times and still gets cloudy

  3. Your method is good and simple, but instead of using sand i prefer to use stones in my aquarium leaving the pipe construction above the stones and still have that beautiful waterfall effect. Thanks for the idea, i benefited from it. It works better with stones, no cloudy mess like the sand. Thanks again

  4. Questions
    1) Inside sand bottom or ??
    2) Pipe should dip in sand or ?
    3) How much pipe dia you use 1/2" OR 3/4 " inch
    4) shower should be tightly in pipe OR Loose ?



HOW TO: Underwater Waterfall TUTORIAL

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