HOW TO: undergravel jet system – aquarium filtration TUTORIAL

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Create a healthier aquarium substrate environment with the simple addition of and undergravel jet!

HOW TO: undergravel jet system – aquarium filtration – do it yourself – home made – DIY


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  1. Hi Joe, how can i connect a a Top filter to undergravel jet system???????????? or how can i install an undergravel jet system to an aquarium with a top filter, my idea here is use the top filter pump and connect to the undergravel jet system , but also keep and use the filter box, can you please explain and make a vedio on this topic

  2. +The King of DIY I am a newbie.. QQ for the PROs: I have Fluval 206 Canister filter for a 38 Gallon tank. Does this UGF help with keeping the tank cleaner/growing good bacteria/etc. etc. ?

  3. Joey, is this the same as a UGF, if not could you share a link for your ugf design please? I'm having trouble finding a UGF video by you.
    I've heard powerheads are better then air stones for under gravel filters.
    I am upgrading my 45 gallon planted tank to a 75 gallon and am having trouble finding a UGF for that size.

  4. Hey great video. Quick question! I have a 85 gallon tank with a turtle that it almost the size of you hand and 5 feeding fish that has out grow my turtle because she decided not to eat them. Now the bottom of the tank if always dirty. I have river rock at the bottom will these system work with the rocks.

  5. what about if sucking the water through gravel ,push the water through gravel ,so i can use my canister filter and there is no waste keep lying on gravel ,so keep the gravel clean ,i have moderate plantation also , what are the cons and pros of this???? please reply

  6. Wait, Undergravel filters push water into the substrate? Since the detritus is already at the bottom wouldn't it make sense to suction the water out and into a filter? I'm using a stock tank with a bottom drain and wanted to incorporate an Undergravel filter.

  7. Thank you Joey! Been a great help and the redesign of our tank is looking great, originally set up our 60 with gravel but took it down to do a 3d background (also hiding a heater and intake Tube), but I sealed the hydraulic cement with tinted drylock. I Used privacy film to "frost" the back and wall side of the tank, again a great tip, then set up an under gravel jet system but with a threaded corner union. With a 3/4 barb fitting that fit onto the spare hose length from my (Penn-plax cascade 1000) canister filter running it to the top edge of the tank where I connect it to the output line from my duplicate canister filter, so running 265gph (less media restriction) into a under substrate jet system in a closed "d" shape due to my background depth, and with 50# of pool filter sand, once again thanks!
    Anyways it's a pretty smooth and clean look for everything going on in the tank and hopefully it holds true to working great!
    Keep up everything you're doing, it's really spectacular what you offer for the aquarist community.




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