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This is a video on how to build a TV aquarium.

Using an old fashion floor model television, i turn it into a fish tank!

Using the original front glass of the TV tube for this build makes it the first of its kind.

This video was mainly for fun, and should serve as entertainment only. There are risks involved. Please do your research on CRT tubes prior to doing any modifications to one.


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  1. The tube is under vacuum. There is no 'compressed gas' inside. Also, the face plate of the tube is leaded glass. Your warnings are awful. This video should be removed, because it presents a danger to the general public…. Stand by

  2. Don’t ruin these old sets. Most that were produced are already in landfills. There are collectors who are into the old sets… But not if you’re ruined them

  3. They contain a vacuum, no air or gasses inside. The only bad stuff is the back glass containing lead and the phosphor coating on the front glass inside. Good video tho.😊

  4. How do you angle the glass as I would fill the hole space more volume custom fitted around all the other bits like filters and that as wouldn't mind building one out of a projector flat screen that would be ok for a couple of fancies or more

  5. you are biggest nerd on earth. So happy that my bizarre search found your video. it completely answers all my questions related to creating a fish bowl from an old tv. Many thanks. aboooot…….

  6. Hi. I am trying to get in touch with you about using (small parts of) the audio of this video in one of the songs by our band, but nothing seems to work. Can I contact you in any way?

  7. Be EXTREMELY carefull removing and crack the main tube. It is vacummed. (sorry, don't know the right word) It may very well explode, or actually implode. Anyway, the result is glass flying everywhere. Best is to break of the thin back end first, to "release" the vacuum.

  8. Not sure id do this as most TV tubes are made of leaded glass and could be toxic, also the rest of it is considered a bio-hazard because of the leaded glass and has to be disposed of properly.

  9. Your disclaimer is not worded nearly strong enough. People have been seriously injured, blinded and even killed from mishandling a Cathode Ray Tube. The tube is a hard vacuum, if it implodes the glass and components can rebound as dangerously sharp shards, the shell acts as a capacitor that can store a charge as high as 30,000 volts and the whole thing uses coatings that are highly toxic. They should be handled with extreme care.

  10. one thing ill say to do before discounting ever thing on the tv but after cuting the power cord is cutthat red wiere that on the sid of the tube keep it long that leed to the capater and you take it and you tap it alog the end of the toob and it will dicharg any charg stord in it then prseed to remove the rest



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