HOW TO: Trick your aquarium fish into eating! STEP BY STEP

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How to trick your aquarium fish into eating. Getting your fish off live feeders isn’t easy, but here is what i do!

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  1. Can someone help me I just tried tying the thread to a shrimp for my tigrinus catfish because he only eats that way however a while ago he ate the shrimp including the thread, maybe I tied it tight and I didnt pulled it quickly. Can he digest it?

  2. The problem is that my fish doesn't trust any food I give her except flakes
    It won't eat
    It stays in one place
    Tank is clean
    Everything is okay
    Stays in the middle of tank
    It ignores me but it used to doesn't
    Can you please give me advice

  3. I recently got a pearl scale and green arowana babies. They are not eating anything since I got them. They take food and spit it out right away. I have tried somethings you told but babies are still spiting out food. Can you please suggest something especially for baby Arowanas.

  4. Late to the party but thanks for this video, trying to not use feeders for my silver arowana because I had a ick outbreak in one of my other tanks because of them. Going to have to try the string method with shrimp and I think it'll work



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