HOW TO: Tile an aquarium

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An alternative to bare bottom aquariums

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  1. Definitely a new concept I didn’t know that was a thing for fish I thought only for reptiles but I saw tile in a thumbnail of a turtle video so I looked it up

  2. Love your videos. Just a question about tiling the bottom of my tank. Is there any unsafe tile? I have some left over 1" square tile flats from a remodel I did and was wondering if I can use them in the bottom of my tank.

  3. Hello all. I was thinking of using ceramic or porcelain tile, or maybe even glass tile, for a background rather than a bottom. Any advice on installation? I'm thinking a thinner wall tile and just using silicone as an adhesive.

  4. Hello, Is tile porous, to hold good bacteria ? as is substrates ? I have had to clean my filters, much more frequently, with bare tank. Nothing is without consequence, I guess.

  5. Joey…met you briefly at the big fish deal!!! I had to pull a bully ob peacock out of the community tank. I'm putting him in his own tank and was going to go with tile bottom. when I was looking at tile, I saw some back splashes. do you have any thoughts on if the backing or the method of getting the tile on the backing could be dangerous to the fish. I found a splash that was made of rock with no gaps. it would be a cool background if it were safe. Just adhere it with some silicone. thoughts?




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