HOW TO: take an aquarium apart TUTORIAL

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There are many reasons to take an aquarium APART. So here is how to do it!


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  1. ok what's the trick for putting the bottom glass back? do i build it without the trim then put the trim back? the bottom is recessed a certain distance that has to be perfect to match the trim? or how do i reassemble it inside the trim so it fits the recess perfectly? anybody know? or i will have to bite the bullet and buy a new tank? my thinking at this point is to shim the bottom up to what seems the right distance, build the tank, then reinstall the trim the next day, hoping i didn't recess the glass too much…

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  3. I have a 110 show tank 1/2 inch glass. The bottom is cracked. I absolutely can't get a razor blade in between the panels. The tolerances are way too close. How do I separate the bottom of the tank if I CAN'T get a razor in between the pieces of glass ?

  4. Hey I have a question…. so when thinking of the sides of the aquarium (or in my case terrarium), do the side panes HAVE TO sit inbetween the back and front to make it structurally sound or can the be on the outside? I feel like they should sit on the inside but that's such a pita for measurements 😐

  5. Hello Joey, what is your recommendation to take apart an acrylic tank? I want to remove the scratch on the panel but the top cutout is too small to reach inside the tank. I need to remove top panel so I can get into the tank.

  6. Hi Joey,
    Where is the video of rebuilding it with the panes of glass and black trim?

    I have an 210 gallon tank with a small chip in the front corner , it has small runners in the chip. Should I replace the whole front panel of glass?

  7. I have a Red Sea Reefer 425xl, 112 gallon, bottom panel cracked by the overflow plumbing. U think I would be able to replace that whole bottom piece.

  8. Thank you Joey! I just took apart an old aquarium so I can have a panel of glass to make a palidarium! Your advice made it super easy. Honestly I think everyone who has an aquarium should take one apart just to understand how they are built and how strong they are.

  9. I have a 140 gallon tank that the seam busted on me and needs a rebuild. Watching you move a 20 or so gallon tank around with ease is a different story for me. My glass weighs in at over 300 pounds total. So, it's not just my time, but I have to have someone help me. I have a quote of $210 to do a rebuild, and that's the way I'm going to go. Having said that, I do appreciate all of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  10. So i watched the part on how to build a glass tank. Then i was like how do i take it apart. Lol. My question is. Do i need the trim pieces or can i make it rimless. My buddie gave me his fathers tank (his father passed away). Its a nice 50 gallon. His dad just globbed silicon on top of the old silicone but it looked bad and still leaked. I think since the glass is in real good shape just making it rimless would make it look pretty sweet.

  11. Thanks to this, I just took apart an old 30 gallon I pulled out of my dad's storage unit. It has to have been in there for a good 20 years, so I didn't even bother trying to fill it first. One side panel started coming loose while scraping out the old silicon, so a reseal turned into a rebuild. Poop.

    It might be the only aquarium ever without a gap around the bottom piece. The four sides sit on top of the bottom pane, making it a pane (yuk yuk) to disassemble.

    Now, off to see how to put it back together. Thanks.

  12. I know this is an old video but i have a 125 tank that was passed down to me for a terrarium because it split two seams. I want to fix it back into a water worthy aquarium again so i feel like a total rebuild is best since its such a big tank. My issue is how do i get the bottom of the aquarium right? I know theres about an inch of a gap in the bottom of the aquarium from the bottom where it sits on the stand. How do i go about making sure i make the gap the same when i reseal it? I know its probably a simple thing but it has me worried. Do i just silicone the bottom glass onto the plastic bottom and then silicone the edges onto the surface of the bottom glass? Also how many tubes of silicone would i need for a 6 foot 125 gallon tank, i was thinking 4 or 5. I would love to be able to fix this aquarium, a 125 is a big tank for an average aquarist haha

  13. This is perfect if you need quality glass for condensation covers etc. A cheap aquarium from eBay etc may no longer be a show tank, but most have at least one good side. Once you have your glass, simply score it with a quality glass cutter tool.

  14. Just tried removing the bottom of my 20 gallon. It was the hardest thing. There was almost negative gap between the panels. I don't even know how that was possible. The people who made it must have used black magic. I wouldn't have even been able to fit a razor blade in there if the blade was half its thickness.

  15. Hi! I have just build my first aquarium after watching your videos, but I forgot to use the tape to prevent too much mess on the glass. My question is: now that the silicone is hard and dry, what can I do to clean up the mess from inside the tank? And what about the outside of the thank? Because I used quite a lot of silicone, I have some on the outside of the aquarium, where the glass panels meet. I did smooth it out when it was fresh with my finger. Can I use acetone to remove it from the outside of the tank? Won't this affect the sealing effect? Thank you!

  16. I'm having a lot of trouble taking off the rim of my 90 gallon tank. I was going to clean it, reseal, and then put the rim back. But I can't seem to get past taking the rim off! I've done quite a few passes around the whole tank with paint scrapers and then a razor blade, but I can still lift the tank just by lifting the trim. Not sure what to do… 🙁

  17. Hey Joey! I was having the absolute hardest time getting a razer blade to fit between panels, it was chipping the edges of the glass and causing all sorts of problems (shortage of bandaids). However I was determined to find a way and it turns out floss moves through effortlessly! Hope this helps in the future and anyone with the same issue as me.

  18. What do I do if the top trim is broken and ugly? Can I leave it off my 25 gallon? I need to reseal it too it's a mess but it was basically free so I'm hoping to make it nice again. But I'm not sure if I need to fully take it apart and redo it or just reseal it though.

  19. I have a 70 gallon tank and the silicone is falling apart the glass is about half a inch to a inch thick and I wanted to take it apart and maybe make a custom tank cause the wood fitting are very ugly and wanting to make a more modern style tank but just wanting to know if it could be done

  20. My Walmart 10 gallon turned out to be tempered glass on the side, non-tempered(what's it called) on the bottom. I figured out the hard way that you cannot cut tempered glass with little effort… Basically, it explodes and glass goes everywhere. By random chance I cut the bottom first and had great results, then wondered what the hell was going on when I tried to cut the sides. Guess I'll have to order my glass cut to size to build my aquarium bridge between a 29 and a 20 long. Bummed!



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