HOW TO: Survive A Power Outage – Aquariums

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A video on how to survive a power outage with your aquarium. While this will not be a common occurrence for most hobbyists, it can be devastating when it happens. So this video will serve as a rule of thumb for being prepared for what could wipe out the entire contents of your fish tank. Be proactive and prepared. you will regret it if you are not.


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  1. So why not run your air stone through a DIY fluidized filter? Using a simple water bottle with K1 Kaldness media, it circulates as long as the battery lasts during the outage.

  2. Thank you for the information. I'm about to start fish keeping and was wondering what the answer to this question was. I've added a battery powered air pump to my list of equipment I need because we often experience power outages during storms and it's hurricane season. Thank you.

  3. hot water inside a plastic bottle. lol. Use ups or better yet, use vortech ecotech, lasts 3-4 days. Power heads work better than air stones.

  4. Hey joey I have a hurricane coming next week I’m in ft Pierce Florida RIGHT where the damn thing is supposed to be coming so I’m tripping. I have two tanks on my screened in porch one almost 100 gal with a sump that you showed me how to build. Thanks for that. And a 20 long filled with a batch of fry and sectioned off for my African leaf baby. Any way I watched the video, ordered bat powered air pumps and making sponge filters tomorrow. Now the only question I have is can I turn the air pump on and off to save batteries? Or do I need to leave it on 24/7?

  5. Another quick tip that worked for me when the power in my house stopped working. I borrowed power from my neighbour via long extension cable until the electrician came and fixed the problem.

  6. im so gad i found this video! where i live in canada right now we might have the power shut down because of the falling ice i was scared that my betta might not live trew it sence my aquariums are in the absement where my room is and whiout power it gets very cold thank you for making this video

  7. Question … if it is important for essential bacteria to stay alive on filter media what do I do when the media needs to be renewed on a monthly basis ?

  8. I'm from the Bahamas and power can be out for weeks sometimes. If I run it on generator for a time (night) can I save them? And if I do that would feeding them once a week work?

  9. Thanks for the help, I have power outages coming up this week because of electrical work in my area. I was kinda freaking out but after watching this I think I’ll be fine haha

  10. I have a power outage right now and my generator isnt hooked up to my fish tank and I have a double tail male named jade and he means the world to me and I do not want him to die please HELP ME AND MY FISH I REALLY DONT WANT HIM TO DIE BECAUSE I WOULD CRY MY EYES OUT AGAIN AFTER LOSING ANOTHER FISH!!!!



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