HOW TO: ship aquarium fish

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building the box @ 2:46
packing fish @ 4:52
acclimating @8:02

Ship/receive fish
find out shipping costs and all information
agree to DOA terms
prepare the fish
prepare the box
ship the box
receive the box
unbox (inspect for DOA. DO NOT OPEN)
float fish.. add fish.


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  1. Hi! The method you used to trap oxygen is amazing. May i know how many days can the fish last with the trapped oxygen please? Im planning to ship just a fry over 1.5 inches

  2. I believe pictures are not reliable. They could just put it to sleep with anesthesia (home made) and the fish would look dead. Videos are much more reliable and I recommend the customer NOT open the bag. If it's been opened, they won't receive any refund or fish of same quality because you never know if they put something in the bag

  3. Hey I live in Canada and I'm looking for fish online could you recommend some sites that are good? I used to live in Hamilton Ontario buy a big box fish store named big owls who had every brand of filter aquarium sums and all sorts of fish since I've moved 2 South Hampton which is basically in the middle of nowhere when it comes to aquarist I only know one fish store in the only brand that they even sell is Fluval for filters don't sell aquariums but they sell the fish their tanks looks so terrible and I just really want to know where I can get fish



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