How to Set up an advanced aquarium – the set up

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This is the third part to my tutorial series on how to set up an aquarium.

Included, but not limited to in this series:

Designing and building the filtration and why.
selection of media/type/how much, and why.
plumbing the tank(drilling, installing bulkheads, overflows, standpipes) Including how to select bulkhead size, how a stand pipe works and why. everything needed to know on plumbing a tank.
installing filtration, pump selection… which one to get(based on tank size, filtration design, bulkhead/overflow type, fish kept, etc..)
other equipment selection and installation, including heaters, power heads, lighting, UV sterilizer, pump.

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  1. I am using your videos to build my toddler a salt water system. My budget is a little over a grand, and I would like a 60" long, 36" wide, 24" tall system which is about 224 gallons. Do you suggest I use glass or acryllic? I have identified the building plans using garf [dot] org / tank.

    Bottom = 59 1/4 " x 35 1/4"
    Front = 60 " x 24"
    Back = 60 " x 24"
    2 Sides = 24 " x 35 1/4"
    Top Front/Back brace = 59 1/4 " x 2"
    Top Sides brace = 35 1/4 " x 2"

  2. The only thing i would recommend doing, is adding a horizontal bar about half way up the stand. That way it prevents the stand from leaning left or right. And i think that is what finn niko meant by underrated 🙂

    hope my english wasnt that bad im german.

    greetz and keep up the good work.

  3. Joey, I gotta tell you, I like the backside of the background better, both the contours, and the color….also, why does it look like it was put in upside down?
    Wait, that's just me.
    One other question, why the mix of ABS and PVC pipe? Just what you had available, or is there a more obscure reason>

  4. What are the diameters of the four bulkheads im getting ready to drill my tank and want to make sure i dont messit upo using the wrong sizes im using a 100 gallon tank.

  5. what is your opinion on these sterilizers for a 100 gallon tank? and i still don't understand why 2 returns are required and why can you not use one drain with a T with 2 ball valves one for drain one for water change? (EBAY SEARCH) 9W/18W/36W UV Light Lamp Sterilizer Aquarium Clarifier Pond Fish Reef Tank Bulb

  6. I'm a new subscriber, I like what I see in many of your videos. I do have a question for you. On that Quiet One pump, how come your using such a small diameter hose? Use a min 1" ID hose or PVC for manufacture ratings.

  7. @uarujoey That's not bad at all, far less than I expected! I've enjoyed your videos, they have let me learn a whole ton and I think i'll have the confidence to build my own in my new house once the dust settles. Great work, much appreciated.



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