How to Set up an advanced aquarium – DIY filter

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This is the second part to my tutorial series on how to set up an aquarium.

A cheaper and easier way to build this sump:

Included, but not limited to in this series:

Designing and building the filtration and why.
selection of media/type/how much, and why.
plumbing the tank(drilling, installing bulkheads, overflows, standpipes) Including how to select bulkhead size, how a stand pipe works and why. everything needed to know on plumbing a tank.
installing filtration, pump selection… which one to get(based on tank size, filtration design, bulkhead/overflow type, fish kept, etc..)
other equipment selection and installation, including heaters, power heads, lighting, UV sterilizer, pump.

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  1. @The King of DIY™ (Aquariums)  is it possible to put a piece or acyrlic, or glass above the k-1 about 1 inch below the water surface where the k-1 is. To reduce the sound of the k-1 banging together. Kind of like a trickle plate like thing with a bunch of whole drilled in it. With maybe some lava rock to hold it down or something. If so should it be above the pvc bringing the the water in. or above. Any help KING.
    Ps would this be a good way to go with discus?

  2. I think this tank is same as mine 4ft wide by 1 ft deep can I support a 300 gallon tank with this?. Thanks oh and your swaggered out today boss!.

  3. I also wanted to find out more about the air pump housing that you mention. I have searched your videos and couldn't find anything to that effect. This would be a great tutorial as I have a loud airpump I would like to silence.

  4. Again great and creative tips ! I can't wait to start my own tank(s). One question if i can? If you are using live plants in your setup, will the overflowpipe be able to suck out the debris? Thanks again for the inspiration & education man !



How to Set up an advanced aquarium – the plumbing

How to Set up an advanced aquarium – the set up