How to Set up an advanced aquarium – COMPLETE TOUR

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This is the forth part to my tutorial series on how to set up an aquarium.

Included, but not limited to in this series:

Designing and building the filtration and why.
selection of media/type/how much, and why.
plumbing the tank(drilling, installing bulkheads, overflows, standpipes) Including how to select bulkhead size, how a stand pipe works and why. everything needed to know on plumbing a tank.
installing filtration, pump selection… which one to get(based on tank size, filtration design, bulkhead/overflow type, fish kept, etc..)
other equipment selection and installation, including heaters, power heads, lighting, UV sterilizer, pump.

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  1. Joey, since you have a lot of surface agitation in the k1 media chamber and gases are being exchanged there, is it still necessary to have an air stone or can I get away without it in the main aquarium?

  2. Dude I've been searching for vids like this for ages I don't think I'll need to ever watch another persons vids again, u cover so much and explain every question I ever had , especially about sumps. I've a 6ft tank on the way and it'll be my first time using a sump. It's arriving in the morning and for the first time I'm not nervous, a huge thank you.

  3. hey iam bout to get started setting up a 460 gallon tank and i could use some advice about the filtration set up i was thinking bout either a wet dry trickle filter or the berlin filtration sump but i like the fluidized bed that you have any suggestions?

  4. Hi I never have a problem with noise I figured out it was vibration do you know any way to fix it cause it I place my hand or a towel on a side of my tank it stops but when removed it is vibrating agian is this a bad thing and is there a way to stop it.

  5. another wunder tip i have leeched :D, putting air stone at the front corner, god knows hy i didnt think of that my self, i dislike the air bubble stream, but its very usefull, thanks again joey.

  6. great tank great work but i have a question . if u turn off the main pump whats happens to the water traveling back to the sump ? since youre sump is filled to the top ?

  7. @uarujoey no bro there are two different types and yes one is for saltwater but they also have a freshwater line as well. the type I was asking about is freshwater and I plan on using at least two different types that they make only it is black in color. One is for the "bacteria" for the setup of the tank and the other is for the plants I plan to put in there.

  8. @uarujoey hehehehehe yeah sorry about that. okay thank you very much for the information and I'll check into that. I can't wait until I can get started on this project. So i'll be standing by for your next installment because I can't wait to see the fish you got in their new aquarium. BTW, have you ever considered using CaribSea Instant Aquarium Moonlight Sand Gravel as a substrate? It's white and supposed to have beneficial bacteria to help in setting up a brand new aquarium.

  9. @uarujoey no really thank you for the great deal of information that you deal out on this channel.I have gotten a lot of great ideas from you and I plan to incorporate them although slightly modified in my dream tank. I do have one question and that is where did you get the flanges you used? I went to my neighborhood home Depot and I couldn't find anything even close.

  10. @uarujoey i have a question that ive been looking for a good answer for a long time. do you know how to get an asian arowana into the USA legally at all? i really want a super red ..

  11. I have had several smaller aquariums in my time and have run them pretty successfully. I am not bragging but simply stating a fact. As such I am always trying to find new techniques and new advise and you are by far the source I have found. Plus you have some other subscribers who have some great ideas as well. What can I say I love my subscription!!! one quick question, Can the plumbing system you used work with a plywood aquarium? or would it change the building process completely?

  12. Looks great brother,… can't wait for the next video. BTW do you have any saltwater setups, or are you strictly a fresh water enthusiast? Don't get me wrong i love fresh water, but i find that i get more of a challenge with saltwater. I don't currently have any videos, but when i do i'll definitly let you know. Thanks for everything bro.

  13. Joey! Im definetly going to be following your series when i build my tank when i get back from deployment, but its gonna be a larger, acrylic, saltwater fluval edge lookin thing. That looks like an awesome mbuna biotope, actually it looks awesome period. Are you keeping us in suspense of what fish your gonna get or did you just forget to tell us? 8p

  14. I dont think those LED lights will work with plants. I think you will need to buy those LED that are used for corals, very expensive. Alternately you can make your own LED lights. I would like to see you try that. it would be a great tutorial!

  15. Wow looks great joey! That K1 media will make easy work of the ammonias and nitrites! If your doing a sand substrate you could try an amazon sword plant as they grow huge and are good space fillers…they're not too demaning on light levels too 🙂 java fern will look great in there also 🙂 keep it up mate!



How to Set up an advanced aquarium – the set up

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