HOW TO: Set up a saltwater aquarium

How to set upo a saltwater marine reef aquarium.
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The rock, and water added to this tank, came from a cycled aquarium. Temperature and salinity were not an issue as they were already set from the tank they came from. Keep this in mind when you watch the video.

In this video i take you along as i set up my Eheim AquaStyle Nano aquarium.
I set this tank up as a saltwater Nano tank. Everything i used to set this tank up is shown in the video.

Where this tank is now: Shortly after setting this tank up, i gave it to a less fortunate family. They took care of it with my help(I supplied extra salt and supplies for free) for around 2 years until they moved away and i lost contact.

While this tank was fun to set up, it was far more appreciated in its new home with a young child that would never have been able to have something like it. To insure they incurred no costs, i also took care of it(bi-weekly visits) and supplied extra salt, food, etc for free.

The company mentioned in this video is no longer in business.

Comments have been disabled as I no longer own this aquarium, the store is no longer in business and I certainly do not know enough general information about reef or saltwater aquariums to continue to answer the few thousand questions that were posted.


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