HOW TO: Restore an aquarium – remove water stains TUTORIAL

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Remove hard water stains, calcium deposits and other mineral deposits.
how to remove hard water stains from aquarium
Removing hard water stains from your aquarium is easier than you think.
This is my secret to what i use to restore an aquarium back to looking like new!
This will also work on equipment, lids and anything else you need to clean.

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  1. See here’s the thing all these are showing empty tanks, if anybody has a good video for cleaning a fully established tank with fish it would be greatly appreciated if you could comment and leave the link of the video

  2. Amazon no longer has this exact product. They have one version that just says “cleanser” and they have a whole other product that says “polisher”. Which one do we get Joey? Gotta update these old videos

  3. Joey can you make an update video explaining how, or give me tips because I’ve been trying to clean a tank with water stains and I tried multiple methods such as vinegar and razor and I’ve even used this method and still can get the stains out . What should I do Joey?

  4. Good info! Thank you! If you are going to reseal your tank is it better to clean it first with the beekeepers or do the reseal first?

  5. I just received a 50 gallon aquarium for free that was really really nastyI used tap water at a razor blade and cleaned it 95% I tried cleaning the rest of it with bar keepers Friend it still has a white Haze on the glass is there anything else I can use to clean this off with ?

  6. This stuff might be good for removing old black windowsill mold from window frame running tracks. I have not tried it on old power filter fixtures and pipes though. Does not hurt to try since I am about to toss them out anyway.

  7. Can you actually feel the hard water stain inside the aquarium? I have the same issue, but I can't even feel the stain. I've tried my fingernail just to see if it would have an effect. Nothing. It's almost like the stains are inside the glass to the point where I can't even get to it. Highly frustrating. Tried different scrub pads, magic eraser, nothing has made any difference. The stains are smooth the the touch. Unfortunately, the 75 gallon tank is currently housing a big fat, happy Red Oscar, so Bar Keepers Friend isn't an option.

  8. Can the owner of this page please offer some direction to those who have this problem on a RUNNING aquarium that do not have the option of emptying the tank. Thanks !!!



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