HOW TO: Reseal an aquarium – aquarium repair

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How to reseal a glass aquarium. Fix leaky aquarium. aquarium with leak. fish tank leak.


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  1. Hey, can i reseal old aquarium that had broken on bottom and the left side? It is still can be used or should throw it? My aquarium size just same like you, i want to know it is still can be used or not, if you say cant i will throw it out, it breaks in its corners on the bottom glass and also on the sides in the bottom corner, thank you🙏

  2. I had to look everywhere to find
    GE #1 100% clear silicone for windows and doors, as you recommend –
    and at the end of the directions it states,

  3. Could resealing it work if your tank started leaking in between two panes or do it have to take the two panes apart then reseal between them first?

  4. Well done man. Clear and concise. You answered all my questions. Ready to do my 50 gal tank that has a leak at the bottom. Most of the time that's where the leak is, because of the higher pressure down there. Thanks!

  5. So, you say not to get the razor into the seams! What if you do get into the seam, between the panels? If I am not taking the whole tank apart, and leaving the frame at the top and bottom intact, can I just use silicone on my seals? Should I seal, cure, and then reseal again? THANKS!

  6. I know you're too big to answer questions now but I have a 90 gallon that's leaking on the seam between the back and bottom panes. You're saying that it doesn't need to be taken apart piece by piece but if I just reseal the inside corners wouldn't that joint be a weak point and risk a blowout in the future?

  7. Hi Joey… I have the opportunity to get a 300 gallon acrylic tank for $500… Tank only, person said it was never used, but been sitting in a warehouse for about 10 years. Will it have to be resealed? Anything you can recommend me asking or looking out for & in your expert opinion, do you think that's a good deal. I have pics of the tank if you want also.

  8. I have an old 10 gallon leader I got years ago at a thrift store. I used it for a hamster. He chewed on the silicone, despite my best efforts. It's good to know that I can repair that tank and use it for fish when I'm ready. I'm thinking a betta fish. Thank you.



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