HOW TO: Reseal a leaking aquarium – TUTORIAL

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Everything you need to know about a leaking aquarium.
In this video I cover how to prevent leaks in your aquarium, when to reseal your aquarium and when to take your aquarium apart.

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  1. Anyone got any tips for when resealing fails?
    Ive got a 16 gal that i got used, sprang a leak, resealed it and it was ok for 6 mos or more. Started leaking, resealed it, and had it cycling for not quite a month, and then it started leaking again.
    Im ocd about cleaning the glass, masked it off etc.
    Im just stressing about it now because i also did a 40 hex i got used but haven used yet. After everything cures i fill it and wait for a few weeks to test, Basically taking every precaution but im obviously missing something.

  2. My 4 feet tank leaked yesterday thank God me and my sis where at home we drained 70% of the water then I called my dad he came and drained all the remaining water now we let it to dry up all the night then the fish shop seller came to our house and sealed the leak with 4 coats of silicon gum. after that was a terrible aqua-disaster yesterday thank God we took action on the time
    Otherwise it would be massive water leakage 😞 thank god😁
    Now it's okay :D.

  3. So this isn’t my first time using silicone, have used it a lot in remodels and construction. However it is my first tank reseal. I don’t know how it’s possible to have the old silicone scraped out In less then a hour. I have about 5 hours in scraping and cleaning the old silicone out of my 65. My fingers are raw, and it’s a huge pain. I just kept getting more and more out, maybe I was to meticulous. But i heard you want it all out, so I followed instructions. Trying to get tape lines level and even was also a pain, maybe 30 minutes. Putting down new silicone and smoothing was easy, just gotta work with somewhat of a quickness. Will I do it again, maybe. Worst part: getting all the old silicone out

  4. Perfecto and marine land were the standards. Had to find now but I believe top fin is a marine land made for pets mart. I have no faith in aqueon once being all glass aquariums. However in over 50 years I have found that methyl blue or copper will in time eat the silicone and first tint it. Being level is important as well as a rubber mat underneath

  5. Found a 40 gallon tank on the curb, no cracked glass, leaks a little on a corner. Just recently rained hard so I found this tank on the curb just before a day we had hard freeze. Thanks for making this video ! Ill let you know how turns out.

  6. Would this fix a tank where a panel has a gap? Mine has been leaking and I checked to see where it’s coming from and the glass has a gap where the glue holding the parts together has completely split

  7. I have a fish tank similar to the one in the video is been seating outdoors including harsh winters for 3 years. Should i be confident that by doing this It will be safe to use ? Or should i dump it in the trash?

  8. If I sealed the corners from the inside and then added silicone to the whole mass of the bottom of the tank, basically a sheet of silicone on the bottom covering around the base. Would this likely work to stop any leaking from the bottom? Kind regards. Happy fish keeping!

  9. Hey bro! Love your channel and all your informative videos. I was wondering after i re-silicon my 55Gal aquarium, do i neeeed to have the black top border frame? Theres no center brace. I just like the aesthetics of frameless. Lmk what you think

  10. Is taking off the top brace necessary I tried on my 55 and it broke lol.i have a 112 I want to reseal but scared to break the top brace..any help is appreciated thank you

  11. Very good sir! I got a used 90 gallon and realized it needs to be resealed, I was afraid at first but you have inspired me to do it right, thank you very much sir!

  12. What if the black trim on my tank is a little off from the glass mostly on the corners, does that mean I’ll have to re seal it or will it still hold water? I know this video is years old but if anyone has any input let me know thanks!

  13. Should do this even though im going to use a 10-gallon tank for a small Snake but the bottom half is in bad condition just looked like the previous owner had a hamster or something and scratched the silicone up.



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