HOW TO: Remove aquarium scratches glass and acrylic

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how to remove scratches from glass
how to remove scratches from acrylic
how to remove scratches from an acrylic aquarium
how to remove scratches from a glass aquarium
how to remove scratches from a glass fish tank
how to remove scratches from a acrylic fish tank


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  1. I have seen “how to video” on cleaning headlight glass and acrylic covers. They use toothpaste for fine polishing. Would toothpaste be okay for a finer polish?

  2. So i followed every bit of there instructions in this video down to using the same hand tools and pad size for the buffer. It has completely ruined my 140 gallon tank. Not only did it not get the scratches out but it put a haze across the glass. Now I have to spend $1200 to replace the glass.

  3. Would this work on a Glass aquarium that has some sort of stain on it that i can't seem to get off? — I've used everything from Vinegar to 0000 Steel Wool, NO LUCK. I thought it was Calcium build up so i tried Muratic Acid– it would have eaten it up like a Snow Cone in a Fire… BUT Still no luck.

  4. came back to this video because i know joey knows what he's doing more than some other people in the hobby. found it hilarious how he signs the glass to gain our trust like we would think he's switch out the glass on us. lmao some magician razzledazzle to keep yall entertained. This man is a triple threat.

  5. Novus is pretty good stuff . I've used it for removing scratches on a motorcycle fairing windshield and it worked great although it took lots of elbow grease to achieve decent results . I recently got a 95 gallon aquarium for free but it's been through several owners . Initially it was used for a marine tank and has the bottom predrilled for a sump system ,but whoever owned it must have been using sandpaper to clean the glass because all the sides of the glass are scratched to hell and hazy looking . After that another person used it for their snake. There's no deep scratches but it's annoying to look at . I'm not complaining for the price it was a good deal .

    I'm going to try using this method to remove the haze although I'm sure it's going to take me a while to remove the haze considering the size of the tank . The only other alternative is to replace three panes of glass which I definitely don't want to do if at all possible because it has a good seal .

  6. Joey, I don't know if you'll ever read this comment but I'm so thankful for you!! It's AMAZING that I watch each and everyone of your new videos but when I have a question about something in the hobby, you always have a vid to answer it!!! 😊 You are AMAZING!!!!

  7. i brought a 200GAL for my 3 Oscar fish and the previous owner had used it as a salt water tank, they clearly were very careless as all sides of the tank is scratched to F. This is helpful.

  8. Joey you need to make a new video with the knowledge you have now, I have a glass tank that has some scratches some deep some deep . Is there anything new on the market?

  9. Hey man. I really enjoy your videos. I just received an acrylic aquarium and it pretty scuffed up. I’m gonna use your advice in this DIY video to buff it all out. Can you give me advice on what to do to clean the inside really good after I buff the inside so that it’s clean and ready to put water and fish in?

  10. I think you should re-do all these videos now that you have been on youtube for so long and have over a million subs your more seasoned your camera equipment is better your microphone is better your confidence is better your back ground on the videos would be cooler if you somehow set it up in the gallery

  11. I have some scratches in my glass I want to remove also, but curious will cerium oxide distort lighting coming through the aquarium afterwards?



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