HOW TO: Plumb an aquarium – 375 gallon aquarium build

My 375 gallon aquarium filtration and plumbing explained.

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  1. Hey Joey. I'm planning on building a tank like this myself and I was just wondering how far from the side of the tank you drilled those holes to clear the 2" x 6" frame.

  2. What do you recommend when choosing the diameter of return pipe on large tanks like this? I have a 420 gal tank with a Reeflo Super Dart / Snapper Gold Hybrid (4300⁄2400 GPH) that has a 2" FPT inlet and a 1.5" FPT outlet. I too, was wanting to use 3/4" Loc-line at the tank. Do I stay with 1.5" on the pipe from the pump to the tank and then reduce to 3/4" bulk heads or do I not use Loc-lines and reduce to a 1" bulk head? Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to answer this for me.

  3. Hi Joey, I know you are busy with the gallery and I am grateful for that as the information coming out from it is priceless. Thanks to you I have fallen in the fishkeeping hobby and about to prime my tank. But still, there is a question I can't answer for certain: you said in this video that you will do a clip about the difference between filtration turnover and display tank turnover. Is that still in the pipeline? Thanks again for sharing your passion with us.

  4. Joey can you point me to any online site from where i can order it in USA, unlikely i have to get them ship to Pakistan as these vales, unions, elbows and bulk heads are not available at all

  5. I just bought your book, but could use some advise in the mean time. I just bought a 380 gal.I hope for a good deal $900 its 8'x3''t x28''w it has 2weir boxes each drilled with one 2'' hole there is a160 gal. acrylic tank for sale in my area for $125{ its crazed pretty bad} I could use for sump. But need to buy fast or will be sold. do I need a sump this big? I'm new to fish keeping but trying to learn I'm not mechanically inclined at all. wish I was your neighbor would pay to plumb this system oh how big of pump as well. thanks for your time Lisa in WA.

  6. Hi Joey cool setup how often do you clean those filter socks, I've been seeing alot of ways on cleaning them just had to ask the Diy guy, I have a 200 gallon with 1 Arrowana only. Thanks

  7. ive been watching alot of your videos and i was wondering if the pond armor will work for a saltwater tank because my bottom glass broke and i do not want to pay for new glass if i can use a plywood base

  8. hey joey, how would you get the 3/4 inch loc-line to attach to a 1 inch bulk head? thanks! love the series!! and all your videos!

  9. King of diy , do you have any moisture problems in your basement due to water? I'm thinking of using my basement for fish room. But I get conflicting advice. Thanks

  10. I have a project in mind but you probably already done it and I just can't find it. Have you done a 50+ gallon tank with a sump built into or attached to the back of the glass aquarium? I have seen the one on the side wall but I would like to see you do one on the back wall. Thanks…and your videos are very informative. Love the DIY aspect.

  11. hi I am Dheeraj frm India. ihave been following ur videos for quite some mentioned before in ur videos that ur going to setup a planted aquarium. when is it going to come up. i am really exited about that project. of course i like all ur projects.

  12. Slightly off topic question, would I be able to install an external filter system in order to increase the fish stock in a fluval edge tank?

  13. Slightly off topic question, would I be able to install an external filter system in order to increase the fish stock in a fluvial age tank?

  14. What kind of flexible hose is that coming from the return pump?   I'm in the process building a stand and sump for my new 72 bow front and your videos have been a great help, thanks.



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