HOW TO: Plumb a Glass Aquarium

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This is a video on how to plumb a glass aquarium. Included shows sizing a sump, building the weir, sizing the bulkheads, drilling the tank, etc..

While this video is not as detailed as i would have liked it to be, as i lost some of the footage for it, feel free to start a discussion or ask questions on my websites forum. The link is above.


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  1. Hi there Joey! I hope you can reply to my message. Is Aquaspeed A6000 enough for my 326 gallons? I really do appreciate your feed back. I'm a big fan of yours.

  2. This video is a must even for "pros"… I'm re building my wiers and overflows; watching this video was a great overview as well as a detailed look on a diy system.

  3. Hi Joey, I'm one of your newest followers and am really enjoying your videos! My question: HOW WOULD YOU CAP, COVER or FILL DRILLED HOLES IN THE BOTTOM OF A GLASS AQUARIUM?

  4. Have you ever considered changing your standpipe into a bell siphon? Then you can fill behind the weir with bioballs or some other media and it becomes combined into a biofilter. Those of us who are new to your channel don't know in which video you talked about silencing your standpipe. You have a LOT of videos. More information would be appreciated.

  5. Instead of the standpipe, it'd be quieter and more efficient if you just filled the triangular section up to it's top with filter media like scrubbing pads or bio-balls; that would not only kill the noise, but add to the overall filtration.

  6. how do 55 people give these thumbs down? Is it trolls runnning around giving thumbs down or do people hit the wrong button on accident its perplexing.

    Great Video Joey !

  7. Hello! Please could you tell me how could I improve the look of my fish tank? What I want to do is to paint the lid and trims. Mine is black and I just wanted to make it look more modern. Thanks

  8. This is an awesome video. I recently bought a used tank which already has a weir box and everything, but I am not entirely sure I want a sump as I have two Aquaclear70 filters that I want to use, so I've been thinking of removing the weir box instead. Is there anyway I can seal the hole there? it seems pretty impossible.

  9. hey joey… i have been looking all over the internet on how to build a turtle tank… the problem im having is there need to be a dry side of the tank… ya'know some where the turtle can climb onto land… do you have any idea on how to achieve this??? 

  10. i plan to use a 29 gallon tank as a sump but i dont want to ruin it if i ever wanted to use it as an aquarium is there a way to install baffles without using silicon i heard somewhere you could cut air tube as use it as a seal any help would be great 

  11. @uarujoey do you put an air stone in the bottom of the weir to increase circulation? Being that water takes the path of least resistance the bottom of the weir would hold stagnant water??



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