HOW TO: paint an aquarium background

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This is a tutorial on how to paint an aquarium background. There are many ways to do this, and this is simply the way i do it.
I filmed this video about 1-2 months ago as i was preparing it to be a QT tank for my discus, but never ended up needing it. Non the less, i still had the video sitting around, so i decided to share it.


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  1. I might be mistaken, but I thought that near the beginning of your video you said you were going to show us the fish you were putting into this aquarium, and that we'd then understand why you chose that color of blue. 🙁 Still, thanks a million for your informative video….

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for the video after all these years. I ended up painting mine a few minutes ago, took three coats of gloss black used a blow dryer between coats and it looks absolutely incredible. Easier and looks better than any background I've ever purchased. All for less than $5. Thanks again!

  3. I just finished scraping a used aquarium and it took hours, plus I adto use a degreaser. The factthat this scraped off so easily makes me think it will chip and scratch easily as well. I am goin to look for xtra black paint that I did the bottom of my chair rail paint in our music room and If I dont have xtra proably use the plastidip!

  4. Cool vid. 😀
    I painted the bottom (yes, on the outside) of my bare-bottom tank, and by doing so, it removed the "mirror reflection" that you get on the bottom of the tank when it is filled with water.

  5. I have a DIY question? I just aquired a used 70 gallon half hex aquarium. They had it up and running full of fish. I noticed that the corner of the frame is separated. How would be a great way to bond it together. I'm worried about having it blow out.



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