HOW TO: Overhead aquarium sump filter

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cant have an aquarium sump filtration? but want a sump filter?

Cant drill your tank or dont want to build an overflow but still want a sump?

Dont want to buy a big pump?

Dont want to have to plumb your tank in any way?

Too expensive to get it all going?

This video will avoid all of that, while still giving you an aquarium sump.

Now you dont have to use this as a sump, you can also use it as a refugium as well.

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  1. Hey bro I want to get the 4’ planter and stuff it with media to do the same thing like what u did and it’s going to be on top of my 210 gallon would that be too much weight???

  2. Joey I know it's a late question, but I was wondering about the weight of the sump. I recently got a 55 gallon in 10 mm glass, and without the water the sump weighs approx 3 kgs, I am unsure about the weight the aquarium can take.



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