HOW TO: Never do water changes


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Learn more about why i keep my fish like this:

The stingrays in the video are freshwater rays. The entire video focuses on freshwater. This is not for a saltwater aquarium. (Which is why a saltwater aquarium is not shown, mentioned or talked about)

This is a video on how to set up a drip system. A drip system eliminates the real need to do water changes on your aquarium!

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  1. Hai , im new to your channel, start subs in a week maybe, but I continue to watch your video and old video.. this is really helpful my question is I already using overflow system for my sump, is it just go a little higher ?

  2. Ok cool. The water we get comes from a well. No clorine and ph 7-8. I drink straight from my foset, its clean. So I can put the water from my foset straight to the aquarium? Ofc by heat regulating it first.

  3. With such a small amount of water being added, wouldn't any chlorine being added from a municipal supply simply evaporate from aeration?

  4. How slow can this drip system be adjusted?

    People with 55 gallon tanks do 25% weekly water changes= 15 galllons per week or 2 gallons per day etc.

    Can this drip system be slowed down to drip 2-3 gallons per day?


  5. My setup: I have a 150g freshwater tank. Its 7 years old. We still have the same fish and everything is great. I have public water and not well water.
    Can I set up a Automatic water change system even though I do not have well water? How do I do that?

  6. Hi Joey, I was wondering if u know if there is an attachment I could put on the drip line or to an RO unit to add a specific amount of GH and KH? I want to do a planted discus tank and will have time for 1 water change a week and my city water is like liquid rock, so I need to use and RO unit. But discus are touchy so I need it to come out with the right peramiters. thanx Joey

  7. Hi. Joey. Maybe this has been suggested to you. But it would be awesome if you could put links to comparable products that use that can be found on amazon or other websites. Thanks for your hard work.

  8. Is it possible to heat my fishtank of 500 gallons using a hot water tank or furnace? The tank is in my basement and when winter comes the heaters alone can't keep up with all the water being colder.



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