HOW TO: Never do water changes – IMPROVED step by step

How to never do water changes – IMPROVED step by step

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Items used:
DD-HPR20 – Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulator 20 PSI – Hose Threaded 3/4″ FHT x 3/4″ MHT.

DD-CHS250 – 3/4″ Hose Thread Swivel x 1/4″ Barbed Adapter

DD-SR360B – Drip Irrigation Adjustable Full Circle Stream Spray Bubbler 1/4″ Barbed Inlet


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  1. So will the drip tower sump be all together because of the slow moving water through out the tower pass the heat and back through the pump will this class as a overflow, filter and a water change.

  2. It's funny you say even nitrates. My tap water actually has 1pmm ammonia and pretty high ph. It's almost enough to kill a fish alone😔I had to get an ro system.

  3. While not being close to a water source, treated water in a 55 gallon drum to an air pump and a check valve before the dripper worked perfectly. The air pump also aerated the water keeping movement as well where the drum lasted for weeks before it needed to be refilled. This worked including adding a sponge filter to the drum. seem excessive but works for me. Always liked your videos where I learned a lot taking what I've seen useful from them. Thanks!

  4. How much water should you drip if your water change routine is 50 percent a week? The same amount of more? For example for a 100 gallon tank, should you aim to drip 50 gallons a week which is some 7 gallons a day, or it has to be more?

  5. We have Well Water BUT our water has really high PH and High Iron Levels, that we have to have water Softener System but the PH still stays around the 8.2-8.8 range…. would there be a way to set up a Drip System either to combat the fresh from well with High Iron/PH or Water from the tap that goes through the Water Softener system? We have to do a mix of Faucet and RO manually to balance out the levels we need. Would be easier if can do from Faucet but the sodium is high to tackle the high iron, and still high PH … Located in Montana

  6. Easier, cheaper, but riskier:
    Fill a 10 gallon bucket with water. Place it somewhere higher than the tank. Get airline tubing, start a siphon from the bucket to the tank, then tie a knot in it to minimize the flow to a drip. BOOM.

    Edit: this works with any size bucket/container. Secure the tubing with duct tape if you're feeling fancy.

  7. considering installing a drip system and wondering if I should still have a filter (canister/sump/hob) with an auto water change system? or does the fact that water is changing so frequently eliminate the need for a filter?

  8. Just an additional information, Joey, catalytic carbon can be used for those who uses well water, like what our county does, because it treats iron, magnesium and sulfur in well water. And to reactivate carbon, i read that all you need to do it bake it at a high temperature.

  9. Hi! First, I love your videos. Thank you for sharing your gift! I have a quick question on this project. I’ve had the drip system installed for a while now and it works beautifully. However, I’m experiencing a bacteria bloom that seems to be dissipating but very slowly . Any suggestions on how to get my water back to crystal clear with the constant water turnover?

  10. Hey, I just set this up based on this video and I’m running into an issue with condensation on the drip lines from the cold water. Any suggestions on what to do to stop it? It’s making a small mess from the lines dripping.

  11. So Joey… since I installed a drip system on my 110 gallon tank… I should or shouldn't need to bother with an alge scrubber ???? I'm thinking not. Please chime in and let me know your thoughts. Thanks,

  12. Hi
    is that true discus can't growing without changing water everyday.
    and if that true, can we use strong and good filtration system instead of the water change
    thank you

  13. If you drip in say about 3.5% of the volume daily, that's over a 100% change per month approximately. Of course it's not the same as a 100% change all at once, but it's still swaps out much of the water, spread out daily. That may be a bit too much as super clean water will starve out your plants.



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