HOW TO: Mold or bend acrylic – Bow front aquarium fish tank

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In this video i show you how to mold acrylic. This is the most difficult step to building a bowfront aquarium.
Molding Acrylic is something that would prove useful if ever needing to bend or curve an acrylic panel.
In this video you will learn a simple and easy DIY way to curve an acrylic panel.

Curving an acrylic panel would be most popular with a bowfront aquarium, an overflow weir or a seamless aquarium.


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  1. This will work I guess, but the correct way is not that hard, make a wooden template(negative) and let gravity do the job inside the oven at a low temperature, that is how professional do it.

  2. this method will give dents in the acrylic , so u need specially prepared surface , or easier to let it sag while its fixed from both ends in parallel , if u want tighter arc , shorten distance between fixtures .

  3. When you are holding and pressing the acrylic over the form, does the imprint from the oven mitt, or whatever gloves you use, end up in the surface of the acrylic? Basically, do you have to worry about fingerprints in the acrylic as you hold it?
    BTW, keep up the great work, your efforts are much appreciated.

  4. Interesting. I want to build a weird shaped tank in the future. I think it would be cool to like integrate it a cat tunnel/bed. You know like the large scale things people can walk in or stick their heads in.

  5. That's too complex for acrylic, Guy or Thomas's… Just too many complex curves.. Most people bending acrylic a home will bend it along one axis. That's not to big of a deal. But when you need to bend it along two axes (Complex) its about the limit of acrylic. Imagine an fighter jet canopy, it's bent over from left to right as well as front to back. Bending in multiple directions like a daft punk helmet requires vacuum molded plastics.

  6. I have build my first 30 L aqaurium next to my 120 ltr 😀

    but then disaster striked the bowfront snapped in 2 pieces

    3mm sheet should be enough :/

    too bad iam going to get 6 mm it will be fine i hope

    you actually heard it cracking :S luckyly there whas only a stream of water coming out 😀 so i put a bucket underneath it and everything whas fine



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