HOW TO medicate sick aquarium fish – Cure for ICH

How to cure aquarium fish ich

A full tank of aquarium fish was contaminated and became infected with parasites… But not for long.. i beat them. Heres how!

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  1. Thanks , I just found you and im glad I did ! Amazing how much I do not know about this hobby ! A serious slice of Humble Pie !! Every thing I learn seems so obviously logical after its explained !

  2. One of my tanks JUST got ich. Ive never had to treat ich before in all my years of fish keeping. It, of course, only reared its ugly head AFTER I raised the temperature in the tank in an attempt to get some spawning activity.

  3. I have glowlight tetras and they are sick. They have white indents in their head or small bumps growing under there skin. They have curved gills and white stuff peeking out but not moving and not fuzzy. They only look hurt on their head, the rest of their bodies are fine. A few stopped eating for a while and the smallest one went to the top of the tank for the night and died the next day, all of them before they died went to the top of the tank or hid and looked pale. My water conditions are good, my friend filtration is good everything in my tank is good. None of my other fish are showing symptoms. I would really really appreciate some help, this has been happening over a period of months. I have no idea what is is or what to do. I've tried treating with an all-in-one treatment but it hasn't worked. Please could you give me some help?

  4. Im currently using salt for ich for my new mini koi pond (110g) on my deck. next spring i will be making a 3000g pond. have no clue where it came from as ive got tiny koi from 3 different places and pond plants from 2 places. I dont have a way to heat the pond but will salt work without heat? If so, should i keep salt in it for 3 weeks?

  5. Hello, my oscars got ick and I used a internal filter and a heater ,should I include oxygen too and then do the treatment, and what treatment is to be done ?

  6. Is it normal for the blue color to disappear about 8 hours later? I'm treating a 125 and the blue color is gone already even though I don't have any carbon in my filters.

  7. Am I ok adding treatment while there is fry in the tank, can anyone help me please?
    I added treatment yesterday and my guppy decided to have her fry today lol.
    My fish have been a lot better today, I also added seachem garlic guard to their food and they were perfectly happy eating.
    I’ve added more air stones and turned the temperature up, they do seem a lot better today.

  8. Hi.. did you actually recommend a type of brand of medication.. unless I missed it?
    Also.. what about using say..ICH X MARINE for freshwater aquarium? And what's the difference and would it be ok to do that?
    Greetings from UK

  9. So basically I got a goldfish, his name is cat do not judge me, however i made the rookiest mistake possible and emptied all of the petstore water from his bag into the tank along with him, fast forward a week and a half i notice ich….he was acting fine so i wasn't sure what was wrong with him and now i know… im a little concerned because he is such a sweet fish but i have high hopes due to this video, so thanks!

  10. Hello, I know it’s an old video but I really need help here with my situation. I have a 75 gallon planted tank that has a little bit of ich nothing crazy but it’s there and I’ve been treating with Kordon rid ich. Like mentioned in the video, I do the water change before then dose it every day. It doesn’t appear to be spreading anymore, however I have lost some of the fish that have been affected. It’s been about 7-8 days so far, and these existing dots seem to still be on the fish, it’s not spreading but they just aren’t falling off. If the rid ich wasn’t working, it would be spreading and pretty fast right? The temperature is 83 that’s where it stays at on a normal basis so I’m not gonna touch that, but is it unheard of that the dots don’t fall off for maybe 5 days or so, since the first couple days of treating it was only on a few fish. Any help would be appreciated

  11. Hey Joey can you help yes probably right I see that few different people said use the full strength even know their clown loaches & fire eel Otherwise the meds won't work I was told and what's going to happen is going to happen I guess right I have a 275 gallon tank with a giant wet dry probably 50 gallon just medicate for the tank or compensate for the wet dry also . Sorry I'm talking to text I goofed up few words in the last post LOL. Can you advise.

  12. I just started back in the hobby after being out of it for 12 yrs. I have a 40 gal planted tank with black mollies and platys, gouramis and pleco and I just have seen today one of my mollies has spots on them. I didn't know what to do till I have seen your video. I am raising the tempt and see how that goes

  13. My new uarus got ick after two weeks in my tank from experience automatically set the temperature up two 87F for ten days without any medication was clear up in a 6 days like you say some fish will not handle the high heat . after 50 years with aquariums I learn some fish are ick magnets and uarus are one of them .
    Nice videos thanks for sharing.

  14. A month ago I said I never got ich, I was proud, I got 2 african butterfly fish that looked fine, now my 2 gourami have it and my bristlenose pleco, surprisingly enough my scaleless eel is fine at the moment


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