HOW TO medicate aquarium fish food

Today i go over how i was able to add the new fish to their aquarium so quickly.

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  1. This video has inspired me too change my 4ft setup from a community tank too a peacock setup I'm obsessed with your videos and spend most evenings taking notes and ideas from you your vision is insane and your setups are better then those I have seen at aquariums so with all that arse kissing said I'm down for more ideas so keep the vids coming 😁👍

  2. Joey.. Do u feed the whole 4 ounces of food at once? Or do you feed that over time? I know it has to do with how much the Fish eat and how many fish you have. Also how do you sterilize your net to avoid cross contamination?

  3. What would be a good arowana for a 300g tank? I live in the states so I can't do the Asian arowana, I've had silver arowanas, bichirs etc. A lot of predator fish but I want a arowana. Jardini?

  4. Hello… can anyone please help me… I want to keep a Pair of blood parrot fish and I want to pair them with a few clown loaches and bosemani rainbows… please advise other tank mates for blood parrots

  5. Very interesting in informative, I keep saltwater fish and no a little bit about medicating for quarantine purposes as well as corals. My question is I have a pleco in an outside pond that has a big sore ,open wound on its side what would you recommend treating him with provided I can get him into a big enough aquarium to isolate him. Does not appear to be contagious as he's had it for a while along with other Pleco's thanks for any info and keep up the great work

  6. I saw you on mass aquariums live stream and it confirmed a few things I suspected but good for you I respect you being so open and owning who you are thank you for the content and the effort you put in for everyone I hope you continue to have success and growth with the channel and your personal life

  7. The Malawi cichlid tank is a beautiful tank, I love how they are so active. The only issue is I would want an cichlid only tank and do it right. I would definitely need to get another tank because I love having multiple type of fish.


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