HOW TO: Make DIY fish food – Best recipe – DISCUS FOOD

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DIY fish food
do it yourself fish food
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  1. Hi Rahul, due to lockdown beef heart or pellet food for discus is unavailable now. Only fish market is opening here. I'm almost out of the fish food stock I made. Can I feed them prawn,chicken breast or tilapia?

  2. hey Joey
    I feed my discus beef heart mix 6 times/day + brine shrimp and granules (they are only 3 inches) and i wanna grow them,
    Everything was fine until I saw a red 0.5 inch worm swirling around in my tank. First i thought it was discus poop but after unplugging the pumps and letting water to calm down, i realized it was a worm.
    now all im thinking about is where did he come from?!
    my tank is a bare bottom tank with some small anubias!

  3. Great video Joey.. just started DIY food this is the most informative description of what's needed and the reasons for using certain ingredients I've seen… keep up the great work. Thank you..

  4. Am now well into my second full batch of beefheart after following your directions fairly well. I can honestly say my discus and other fish love this better than white worms, or blood worms, or any type of dry food. Thank you for taking the time and effort to making this video!

  5. Joey, you are a wealth of information. Thank you so much. I'm starting up my first discus tank and watching many of your videos. Thank you, and a shame you're on the other side of a vast sea. xx

  6. I just made it without beef heart and astaxanthin. It’s pure green! Hope the fish love it. I doubled the fish amount to make up for the beef heart. I couldn’t get my hands on cheap astaxanthin

  7. Hi..can anyone help me please i have prepared discus food with beefheart shrimps spinach vitamis and garlic..and beefheart was about 1 kg…i added 2 tbs spirulina which makes my food alot gree ..i have 3 blue anf torquoise discus and 2 red discus..i am curious if its ok to feed this food to red discus as well?

  8. I have caught carp while cleaning them for consumption i noticed some of the females were loaded with eggs …can you use this as a fish food for aquarium fish i know all fish love fish eggs ….but i worry about the bacteria it might contain being wild caught or will freezing kill them ???

  9. Man, I love your style of videos. You don't edit out any stutters at all so it actually feels like I'm there with you, in the room. You're a great inspiration to many.



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