HOW TO: Make aquarium plants safe for your fish tank

HOW TO: Make aquarium plants safe for your fish tank

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  1. I'm quarantining my plants the slow way, at 86°F for 5-7 days. I welcome snails because the tank is for puffers, but I'm concerned with ich, velvet, etc.
    I am currently on day 5 with 86-88°, and am lowering the tank to around 82° to accommodate the fish.
    It has been 5 days at 86 and the first two days at 75°
    I plan on a water change tomorrow in preparation of adding fish.
    Will tomorrow be a safe time to introduce, or should I wait a few days longer?

  2. Nice try to help, but very bad information because you don’t specify the strength of the “peroxide” (hydrogen peroxide) at what strength? 3% or 35% people will get very different results with different strengths of solution.

  3. Gotta say I followed this advice exactly except i used kosher salt. Im now left with a heavily planted tank full of transparent plants. Even my swords got nuked. Just be carful when doing this process. Either do less salt per gallon, maybe half a cup or less time. Check them after 2 minutes to see how they are holding up.

  4. I hope someone sees this comment because I cannot find the answer to this question.

    So I have a planted aquarium. I didn't quarantine any fish and plants. Guess what? My fish are sick. I'm currently quarantining fish in a separate bucket but shrimp and snails are in aquarium. Will all fish diseases die after being in no contact with fish or can they survive on shrimp and snails?

  5. This is helpful and good to know, but I followed this except at a slightly lower amount of time and my plants absolutely wilted from the aquarium salt soak =( Not going to dislike this, might still try again but with smaller dosage

  6. I need some advice, im definitely a beginner and i havent had a fish tank for that long and ive been now reading about the fish i have and things like that. I have an angel fish, bala shark, kissing fish, pleco, and 2 tiger barbs. And i have them all in a 10 gallon, so im not sure exactly really what i should do because ive been now reading that you shouldnt have angel fish with tiger barbs because of their fin nipping, and also ive been seeing that most of those fish are going to get really big, and then ive also been hearing that they only grow to the size the tank allows them. Im a little worried if ill end up having to get a huge tank b ed cause the way my house is built, it wont be strong enough to hold a huge tank of water so im nkt really sure what to do and i meed some help. So please reply telling me what i should do. Any idea?

  7. 20 parts water to 1 part bleach. Submerge for 2 minutes exactly. Remove plants and rinse. I soak my plants in water with dechlorinator for 24 hours. Peroxide doesn’t kill bba even at 100%.

    How about setting up an HD / 4k tv as an aquirium background ……. shout out to me if done please….
    Samsung tv sponsor ,,…..hint hint
    love your vids and all content.

  9. I had a snails problem in a 5 gallons tank. Hand-removed every individual snails I found for at least over 3-4 months, so it was a controled invasion but it was very annoying. They completly disappear when I introduced a new betta in the tank. I didn't think that could happen, but yeah !! XD He ate them all before they could lay eggs. And thanks for these awesone tricks, I will definetely do that when I buy new plants so that never happen again !

  10. In-vitro plants might be actually cheaper in some countries. I don't prepare my plants like this, but then I've got issues with hair algae already and some snails.
    You don't need to cure your plants, BUT you need to achieve a balance in your tank. Otherwise you can expect a calamity.

  11. Awesome information, as I've been there done that with new plants and then beeing over run with snails! Thank you. I would like to get some new plants and I will definitely use this info.


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