HOW TO: Level an Aquarium

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This is a quick video on how to level your aquarium. Please feel free to add any additional tips or advice in the comments section below. I did this video while i was build a glass aquarium, so i may have missed some content in this video as i was a bit distracted.


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  1. Looking at the optical illusion of the tank base and the wall molding. Something looks wrong in this picture. 🙂 Is the tank against the wall evenly? Not moving that with the water in it.

  2. Hey, i just built a nice 2×4 stand with my dad, i got the stand it self level but the ply wood on the top has a bit of a wavy to it cause the tank to have a slight wobble. any advice on how i can fix this issue? i dont want to take the stand apart as its all inter twined(to take 1 piece off i have to take multiple other pieces off). would putting styrofoam inbetween the tank an the stand fix this?

  3. Please help ! Does it matter if it’s just a centimeter or two apart? I tried to level it but I’m left with the sides being two centimeters apart.

  4. I want my new 200l tank in a room where we have carpet. My one and only concern is if the tank would ever leak this will possibly ruin not only the carpet but also underneath. Any tips of anything you can place underneath the tank to prevent water coming on the carpet? Water changes are a minor as I am not messy and can just place towles down.

  5. Sooooo, youre saying a level with an inch of liquid in it is less acurate the what is essentially a giant level (the aquarium itself) as your leveling with liquid in it already than just measure from the glass top to the liquid. Much more accurate than a level

  6. My tanks sit on carpet, there is no pad under the carpet (it's very low pile restaurant carpet). Inevitability the carpet is thicker near the wall because nothing has been there to compress it. I used a wooden ruler across the front and tapered wooden shims down the sides to fill the gap and support the side of the stand, you don't want the side to be unsupported and it would be if you only shim the front so turn the wooden shims longways down the side.
    Obviously you would need to use more than one ruler if your tank is longer than three feet, just cut one off to the desired length.
    I have been using this method for longer than most of you have been alive and it have never caused a problem or failure. ✞

  7. No fing way would I trust styrfoam to maintain it's integrity to insulate nail heads from the tank. They have to be hammered in or removed and redone. otherwise I like this video. thank you.

  8. Hey Joey, thanks for this video was extremely helpful. Quick question though, I've leveled off my stand but before I put water and make the final adjustments I was curious what to do because my glass aquarium is a little wobbly on top of the stand maybe an eighth of an inch or so on either side. It does have a center brace as it is glass is that normal and will level off with the water or should I put anything between the underneath of the aquarium space between them . Then being the bottom of the glass space between that and the stand?

  9. Is it ok to use the shims between the stand and the plywood top? I have about an 1/8th an inch gap in one corner between the plywood top and the tank rim.

  10. hey joey can i use these same shims to level a metal stand for a 125gal. tank? or should i get a thick piece off plywood to lay on the floor 1st. and then put the metal stand on top of the wood……i have hardwood floors by the way.

  11. Great stuff Joey. I am starting with a new tank. Its a 55 gallon tank, and I was getting ready to stock it up with all the rocks sand ect ect. what do I do first to level my aquarium? Fill it with just water first?



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