HOW TO: Keep Discus

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How to keep Discus in your aquarium and all the discus care information you need!

An introduction to discus. The different types and strains of discus. What discus need. A discus tank setup. Stocking a discus tank. Feeding your discus. Discus tank maintenance. Breeding discus. Medicating discus fish. How to choose healthy discus. How to buy discus. AND SO MUCH MORE!!

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  1. I was inspired to set up my discus tank after watching this video ! Truly beautiful creatures I'm mesmerized watching my tank , they greet you everytime you pass by, thank you so much Joey for this inspirational video😷 🙏

  2. does anybody know what kind of discus joey kept? the ones on the cover of this video. I am in love with them but I can't figure out what they are called or where to buy them.

  3. People normally pay to hear an in-depth lecture about a fish like this. Thanks for sharing! Very informative, practical and direct explanation. This is what Youtube content is all about.

  4. as much as I love these fish and how incredible they are and the beauty of them, the way that humans mutate and tamper genes to get the desired pattern that is simply pleasing to look at takes so much away from the beauty of the animal and what nature and evolution has created. and in my opinion, nothing mutated by man will ever be as gorgeous as something that naturally formed. unfortunately mutating genes and the obsession with the way they look pollutes every animal hobby, for example, the reptile hobby. I can admire these patterns and looks and those who do selective breeding but for me, the beauty of keeping these and all other animals is seen when we take a piece of nature and replicate it to be as natural and realistic as possible so we can observe the beauty of the animal and the way it lives untouched by man.

  5. Hi Joey, I have been trying to keep discus now for about 18 months. I have watched every video you have done, read everything from Al Sabetta, and constantly reading on the simply discus website! I've done everything you have taught on filters, media, temperature, pH, ammonia, and do water changes every other day about 40%, etc. I have a 125 gallon fish tank in which I've never had more than six discuss at any one time. I've had from dime size to adults. The minute I get my discus to about the age of one year every one of them has died but until that time I have no problems. My little tetras and all my other fishes do great, I don't hardly ever lose one. when I got the tank I originally purchased 18 tetras, I still have 15 of them left after 18 months. Oh yeah one more thing, I have no substrate and clean my tank every day but do water changes every other day. What the hell is going on? Help!

  6. Been looking into your channel for quite a time now and just come across this super informative video. I just started a discus tank recently and find this really2 important. Keep up the good work Joey



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