HOW TO: Internal aquarium sump – The SUPER CHARGED corner SPONGE filter

How to build an aquarium filter that anyone and any tank can use!
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  1. I've got a 30gallon rimless tank I'm thinking of converting to a reef tank. I think this would be great to hide pump and heater and get some waterflow out of it as well. Probably be able to hide it behind some rocks and corals too.

  2. This is one of my favorite DIY filters you’ve shown yet. Simple but very effective. I’m thinking of setting up a 125gal and do 3 of these. A half round in the middle then one in each of the back corners. Stuffing a lot of bio media behind them.

  3. I am rehabilitating an old 75g (for sentimental reasons,it was my first big tank, unused for years-remodeling) and I am going to build in corner Matten filters in both back corners.

  4. Really new and only just thinking about stuff but would it be feasible to do this almost like an internal canister set up in that there would be holes on the bottom for intake, a sponge on the bottom inside followed by bio media? I was thinking of a 10 gallon tank. Thanks!

  5. Böyle bir akvaryumda diskus beslenmez çünkü balık pisliğini içinde depoladığı için suyun peaş deyerini bozar nitrat ını arttırır ve osünger zamanla suda koku yaratır 👎



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