HOW TO increase fish coloration – with sun tanning?

Today we look at tanning your fish, enhancing color in your fish and a general update on my asian arowana aquarium.

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  1. Hallo joey…i'm your fans from indonesia..
    How are u?
    I miss your diy creation..
    Could you please do diy LED Tanning for asian aroawana??
    Hopefully u can do it for me…thanks

  2. my fish get a bit of sun, when the sun in the morning goes up, i get some hours of sunlight with my big windows 🙂
    looks really nice, but i never thought it makes a difference for the fish ;p

  3. The lightest one with the pinkest tail looks like my fermale betta. I only have a 16 gallon tank so arowanas wil get to big. So I have fermale betta's instead bc they look a lot like arowana.

  4. I just put my guppies in my outdoor pond tub for the summer. I bring the best inside at fall time and leave the not so great looking fellas to try to brave our horribly vicious Florida winter. The culls that make it through the colder water temps rejoin the over winter crew in early spring. That’s my plan and I’ll have to say that these outdoor fish look absolutely amazing after being in the sun for a month or two.

  5. I know the radions have a UV setting that you have control of to ramp up and ramp down. Would that be able to be used to in order to achieve the tanning? Just a thought I'd put out there.

  6. i have oscars and they get extremely light in color two extremely dark in color for no apparent reason does anyone know why and how to keep them better colors without Sun Tanning I don't want to deal with the algae love your videos man

  7. Fiber optics? Not sure what material would work best with transmission, but if you're looking for moving anything within the electromagnetic spectrum to easily controllable locations, optical fibers (both end and side emitting) aren't too absurdly expensive. Plus, have you ever seen light shined through a piece of frosted glass? Just food for thought…

  8. Not sure if it's A or B, but UV light is bad for acrylic. Clouds it and otherwise starts its break-down. Probably take years, but it's still something to consider.

  9. Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar we want tank full of Oscars You know you want to you know we want you to just do it make us happy give us what we want anyways keep on keeping on love Kayley

  10. Just an idea. It's hard sometimes to see the size of the fish. I know the color of the fish and the background, and the plants are nice to see, so don't stop showing that. But putting something in the tank that's familiar in size to everyone would really help to display the size of the fish. Not sure how I'd do it, so that's why I'll leave it to the expert inventor. Best of luck with everything you do Joey. Keep it up.

  11. Also something that I cant explain with almost all freshwater fish. Use black walls/backgrounds and black gravel or sand if possible. Somehow fish can slightly change their tint to help blend in with their surroundings. It definitely helps reduce fish stress as well.

  12. Heres an idea. Get 12 individual light fixtures. Put them on individual timers. Have the lights perform some kind of cycle, were at noon time all the lights are on to mimic the brightest hour of the day and at midnight all the lights will be off to mimic the darkest hour of night. Giving the perfect affect of day and night. That way the fish can get used to it without causing too much stress.

  13. will this be possible if is to put some sort reflective like mirror perhaps on the base to reflect the uvb / uva from the bottom so you could tan the fish from top and bottom ?


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