How to heat your aquarium in a power outage!

A power outage with your aquarium and fish can be catastrophic. This video will help you survive one using DIY aquarium heaters, DIY aquarium oxygen and DIY aquarium filtration tips. All using no power.

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  1. Trank MacGyver
    "Gimme a potato, some peroxide, rock salt , hand warmer packs..
    Finish up with a battery operated pump save your tank for another day!" 😂
    Your brilliant Thank You🙏🏼

  2. Thanks man! I knew you would have the answer. We've been having fires over here in Cali and the power outages have been happening more frequently. This are very helpful and simple methods

  3. This is great!

    I’ve just set up my first Tank, a Reef Tank and it’s cycling right now, I’ve been a bit worried about how quickly the temp drops when I turn off the Heater.
    Even though power cuts are pretty rare here in the UK, we do get them occasionally and I just know as soon as I get a Fish in there one’s bound to happen so I’ve been looking into different options (most being very expensive) and seeing this Video has really put my mind at rest!
    A very clever way of keeping the Tank warm and running if the power drops.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this. Living in Northern CA, at the moment and we’ve been having many days without power. The battery operated air-pumps work amazingly well and for days at a time. Really appreciate the other ways to keep my tanks warm as the temp drops dramatically at night up here. The one tank dropped from 80° to 69° I was just lucky my fish made it. Now I have a better idea how to heat them when the generator goes south as many peoples have. Thank you 🙏

  5. Are you a chemist!? I live in the PNW and I have been doing a ton of research into starting a saltwater reef tank, and knowing extended power outages happen often out here in the mountains and I was immediately drawn in by your video. You did an excellent job in explaining everything you are doing in a way that is easy to understand and implement. After watching this video I feel much more confident about getting my tank going, knowing there are cheap, easy, and effective ways of keeping my future animals alive and well when the weather outside is less than agreeable. Thank you so so much, I'm not kidding, this video is my springboard into the wide world of reefing. Thank you so so very much. Cheers.

  6. For heating an entire room; a kerosene heater will easily keep even a big room above 80f. I heat our entire house with k2 using 2 heaters. The new k2 fuel is stripped of most sulfur and there is no smell. As for air pumps, I also agree on the battery powered devices (Another positive for running sponge filters). Your idea on the ice melt stuff was awesome and, I'm gonna consider keeping a bag in the garage for a rainy or, snowy day (pun intended).

  7. All my fish died, this video is useless, my power went out, I went on this video. I have no calcium chloride,peroxide,hand warmers,or battery powered air pump

  8. This is the best tank survival video to date!! I'd like to add a little something if I may?
    Solar powered or solar storage circuits? Mainly from those water features one sees ? I actually use one in he summer months to power a UGF plate. It works fine! All I did was to extend the wire and feed it from outside to the pump in the tank.
    This is an advantage over the battery air pump. Because is free haha.
    The other one is…. A lorry inner tube pumped up super large fed from the valve onto an airline with control clamp..directed to the tank air stone.. Should last most of the night!

  9. This video helped a lot. Currently our entire country is sufering a huge electricity problem cuz of hurricane Maria. I have kept my aquarium alive thanks to you. I have loss 4 fish, but it's been 70 days without electricity. My only problem is that my more demanding plants are melting due to lack of light. Any ideas?

  10. It never gets cold enough for long enough to get your house dangerously cold for tropical aquariums in Dallas so I wouldn’t need an emergency heater

  11. One power solution is a DC 12 volt Power Inverter available off Amazon. Plug it into your car's lighter socket, run an extension cord to the tank, and plug in all the critical pumps. The maximum load runs from 30 – 500 watts, just buy the one that will suit your needs. Just make sure your car's gas tank isn't close to empty. You'll need to run the engine occasionally to keep the car battery fully charged. All this is assuming that you don't live in a high rise Condo and that you have a car 🙂 That will be a hell of a long extension cord.

  12. what about the media that is in the filters that weren't put on a air stone, shouldn't you say to take the water out of the filters so the dead media won't kill the fish

  13. hey brotha, , just wanted to say you do a great job. I am new to your channel but have learned a great deal from you, since I am new to fish its a HUGE help in helping to keep my kids tanks running on point! . also on this hand warmer heater idea. I tried it and found if you put tinfoil on the opposite side of tank then tape it…a lot more heat reflects into tank ,,anyway, keep up the great work bro!!



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