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A Cheap and easy wall aquarium. A simple yet interesting way to work the aquarium hobby into your home decor. A project simple enough for anyone to do.


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  1. Would it be okay to put a baby guppy in one of those jars? I would make sure there was lots of plants and it would be one baby guppy. My neighbor wants one fish but not a big tank and she would want this. I would take the fish back once it grew up most of the way and put it in my 30 gallon and then I would give her a new baby.

  2. can you make two things for the ladies…. A kitchen island aquarium. and a something cool for a shoe closet aquarium… That's the two things we like the most. I love love your idea's. you are so creative. keep up the good work.

  3. this is a really cool idea. I think im gonna use this idea to spruce up my room a little. I might put some small marimo moss balls in these, what other things could I put in these?

  4. Have you had any issues with Green Algae on the walls yet?  I've been looking for an idea for a live decoration over the top of my computer monitor.  This will work well.  but I'm definitely going to use bigger jars and different wall mounting brakets.  Awesome idea

  5. Is there any way you can do a video that shows how you take two separate tanks and make it one big one for instance I have two 45gallon tanks that are reptile tanks that has the sliding screen lid

  6. I have a pothos plant the roots are going brilliantly but the leaves are just staying the same no growth at all I don't know what to do. Do I cut it down to promote new growth or what else can I do. I have had it for a while now help please.

  7. Question: I purchased aragonite (nature's ocean, 1.2mm-1.7mm) to change my substrate in my african cichlid aquarium. My tap water PH: 8.2, Alkalinity 180. Hardness 300. I wanted to change the color from drab pea gravel. I plan to use my  How long should I expect to cycle.  Any suggestions?

  8. @uarujoey- Joey, I have been thinking for a while. While I know you prefer bare bottom tanks. I was wondering about your thoughts regarding one Tank set up. I am sure you are well aware of under gravel filters. If one installs gravel filter and instead of sucking water Through the gravel, you pump in low amount water up through the gravel, won't that be like an extra filtration method? Could also be used for making your plants grow better if you pump water with some air directly into the roots on the feedback. I think you understand somewhat what I am trying to say?

  9. Hey @The King of DIY  or Joey, I love this idea!!!  What kinds of plants did you use?  That mossy looking plant looks cool.  I have several tanks of Goldfish and I've been breeding them and I'm thinking that mossy looking plant would be great for the fry to hide and growout in once I make me a breeding rack.  Let me know man!!! I love following you and watching your videos!!! You're an inspiration!!!!!!

  10. Pretty Cool Joey.  My mom and i use to do something similar when i was a kid and take snails from the river and keep them in the mason jars.  I like the idea of hanging them in the shelf.

  11. Thank you for replying! Also what is your advice for ordering tropical fish online? Here we are very limited locally. Thank you again for responding I feel as if I know a celebrity now!

  12. Hi, I want to thank you for your videos! I have started from scratch and now have the clearest water, no fishy smell and the happiest fish. I followed your video on washing sand, using fake plants from the hobby store, implementing some real plantsl, lighting! I get compliments all the time and I tell them to look and watch your videos! Keep them coming'

  13. I've been looking for a plant to put on top of my nano tank where I breed shrimp and hold male guppy but have yet to find something I like that's suitable. You say your using Pothos but on the gardening websites it states:

    "Pothos like to have their soil dry out completely between waterings. If left continually in damp soil, the roots will rot."

    Did I catch the name wrong or am I missing something?



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