HOW TO: Hand Cut Acrylic

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Video on how to cut acrylic, plexi glass or plastic sheet. This is a very simple way to cut acrylic. This method is perfect for cutting acrylic that is going to be silicone in place, or when the edges of the cut don’t need to be perfect.

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  1. Nice video bro, you’ve come such a long way to where you are now. Plus I learnt I can score and snap acrylic for an upcoming sump modification 👍😃

  2. Joey damnit..I'm trying to find information on how to do certain things on youtube! I have like 3 of your video's bookmarked to watch, can you stop invading my other searches so I can get stuff done? lol

  3. Hey man can I silicone glass to acrylic ? It's just going to be a bioactive snake encloser . I have glass for front sides and back but a big sheet of acrylic for the floor .

  4. Ive got a large piece i needed to take a small piece from. I scored it with a knife but when i snapped it, it didn't follow the line at all, and snapped all over the place. I don't have a table deep enough to support the whole piece so had to do it on the floor! I dont have a table saw or anything either, just a knife. I need to take another piece off, but im already angry at it and ive given up.

  5. I'm a small overflow/sump for behind my 30 gallon tank. I'm not worried about looks or ugly seams but I planned on using 1/4 acrylic and not cell core plexi.
    think this will work fine? its only going to hold about 5 gallons.
    I was going to cut using my table and skill saw and I high tooth blade. any tips

  6. This video helped me a lot thank you so much. I tried cutting with a tool similar to the one in the video and was actually trying to cut it flat on the blade which didn't work at all. Then I tried it the proper way that you demonstrated and it worked perfect.



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