HOW TO: Fix BROKEN or CRACKED aquariums

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  1. I have a question I am new to fish keeping and I really want to get a large aquarium. I found a 300 gallon aquarium for a really good deal but the thing is it has a crack on the bottom glass about half of the panel, they took an entire new panel and silicone that to the cracked panel and resealed it just as you have shown in this video only it was a whole panel as opposed to just a patch. The current tank is filled with water and up and running. The tank does have a small chip on one of the side panels but doesn’t appear to be causing any structural issues. My question is since this is a 300 gallon aquarium with a ton of pressure from all the water pushing against not only the chip but the bottom panel that has been cracked but has been supported by silicone in an entire new panel on top of it, is this safe to use or should I basically try to replace the entire bottom panel as one piece and possibly replace the panel with the chip. Based on the video that you put out that I just washed it looks like it should be fine and there will be no issues but I really don’t want to have 300 gallons of water dump all over my living room. It would cost me over $5000 to buy this aquarium new it includes all of the pumps lighting equipment and everything for $300. If anybody can chime in and give me your thoughts on the situation I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. I don't know if Joey will see this but ny mom's almost 6 ft hexagon tank cracked. I didn't get to ask where the crack is yep because it's in her house and my brother is going to give it to me but I'm praying it's on the bottom either way we're talking about a tall tank hell if anyone's ever repaired one of these do let me know. If it's one of the sides I will turn it into a "croxhet reef' s I do that too. (Ya know, like in the Smithsonian) I am a woman that does fibercrafts).

  3. I've got a method of breaking an aquarium that wasn't in the video. I was given a brand new 55 gal with a cracked bottom. A guy got it back in the Fall and brought it home and left it out under his carport over night. Then he left for work the next morning. His wife decided to do him a favor by "cleaning" the aquarium using hot water poured right in the middle of the cold tank. It cracked long ways from one end to the other. His wife thought since it wasn't an actual hole that she could hide the crack under some sand and he'd never know it was there. When he came home his wife had already gotten the tank into the house and put the sand in the bottom for him. How nice! He set up his new tank and started filling it with water. It didn't take long for him to figure out something was wrong. He got so upset that he just wanted it out of his sight. It was a literal bad break for him but lucky for me.

    I don't think a patch is going to work for fixing a 4 foot long crack so I'm going to replace the bottom. Interesting video though.

  4. Or mabey you were testing if you see if it was leaky and you put it on top of a plug in your tub that was sticking up and when it filled with water you wished you had taken that physics class…😭😭😭😭😭

  5. This video is not informative at all I do not want to know how the crack happen I want to know how to fix the damn crack and not just in the bottom but in the walls 2

  6. Joey I totally am hearing perfectly, top info, far from babbling on.
    I’ve got a 4ft aquarium with just the back glass is broken. Now I know you said old and new silicone don’t mix well, I’m tempted as it’d save loads of work. I may as well, then if it leaks, rebuild entire tank. Now I doubt my success but, I’ll let u know too bro. Theirs actually no point in you lying, so I probably should start from scratch, let me research 1m

  7. Joey bro because of your awsome videos, I’m actually picking up broken fish tanks, stands etc for free, fixing then donating them free to charities. Kudos to you Joey and of God/love who makes this all possible 😍

  8. Hey Joe, was wondering if you could help me out again? I Patched my 6x2ft tank's bottom as it unfortunately cracked about 3/4 of the way up (it runs from the center up 3/4 of the way and then turns 90deg and almost goes to the edge) when moving it into the house. its a double bottom tank with thick glass (the inner sheet broke) with thick glass, (i think the inner sheet is 10mm and the outer is 12mm?), anyway i patched it with 2 sheets of 6mm float, one long bit for the center run and one square bit for the 90deg turn. anyway i was water testing to find tank levels (double overflow) and left the water in the tank for a few weeks as i got sidetracked. one night i heard a loud bang and realized that the bottom cracked again. it looks like it was a stress relief crack from the original crack that's almost made the bottom into 2 bits now(its getting hard to explain but i could provide some photos if needed). it seems stable and unlikely to crack again if i patch it? however with the water pressure of a full tank its filled the void between the bottoms with water. its been dry for 2 months now and is not found its own way out, is this an issue? what would you recommend as a fix? another patch? replacing the inner bottom seems to be a nogo as it would require full disassembly and removal from the outer bottom (there stuck together with 4? long beads of silicone).
    i could probably just use it as is (its water tight) but its asking for trouble, any advice would be appreciated! (sorry for the long "story")
    kind regards, Matt

  9. Hi just a quick question? I have a crack on the bottom of the tank on the out side. but have a second layer of glass already in there. Could I put another full sheet of glass on the bottom? Thank you

  10. Hi..I have a 220g with a crack on the bottom. You mentioned 6mm patch glass in the video. Would that work for a larger tank also? Thanks in advance.



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