HOW TO: Filter 2 aquariums with 1 filter for $10 TUTORIAL

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How to filter 2 aquariums with 1 filter for $10

Overhead aquarium filter:

Filtering with pothos plants:

Aquarium bridge:


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  1. This certainly looks like an interesting idea, especially if you wanted them to be the same parameters for raising fry in one of them. Currently digging around old videos looking for a way to do a few large divided betta tanks on the same filter.

  2. Hi Joey. Can you filter more than two tanks with one filter? I have four 20 gallon aquariums I want to connect with the same pipe method you use. Using one large external filter for all 4. One end I would have the flow and the far end return. Would this work? I'm not a fan of sponge filters and have no space for a sump. These tanks will all be very low stocking mainly plants.



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