How to feed aquarium fish

Today we talk about how often to feed aquarium fish.
How much to feed aquarium fish.
What to feed aquarium fish.

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  1. i got a baby angelfish and a tetra but when i got to feed them most of the food goes into the waterfall from the filter and gets stuck at the bottom of the tank under the substrate what should i do?

  2. Man I am just getting back into fish again and I am realising how much I was probably under feeding my old fish 😔 good to learn so maybe my aquarium will be much healthier!

  3. Thank for you vids man I hope someday to be able to get your book. I had fish for years when I was younger and the internet didn't exist. You have really helped so much. Thank you

  4. Great Video Joey, Heaps of people can learn important info from this. I'm also a YouTuber on my own channel Coxy's Aquarium Creations trying to do my own thing. i'm trying to not be too much like you but it's hard because you have done so much and a lot of great videos.

  5. My fish won’t come to the top of the tank to eat they don’t even try to look up for the food how do I get them to eat from the top of the tank

    I have a koi fish and goldfish

  6. It was suggested to feed my goldfish some miniature ciclid pellets opposed to regular flakes. First time I put some in one gold fish grabbed three pellets at once then spit them out and looked at me like I caused an atrocity…

    Anyways, end result is should I continue to offer the ciclid pellet food as well as flake food?

  7. I have a tank with three dwarf garami one bristle nose pleco two phantom tetra and one other tetra. One of my garamis is eating most of the food I give what should I do? I feed a mix between bloodworms and flakes.

  8. If people are looking for a good high quality pellet food New Life Spectrum is one of the best. Lots of variety and good ingredients throughout. Supplement this with more natural foods (algae, vegetables, bloodworms, shrimp, etc) and you'll have a good diet.


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