HOW TO: Easy DIY Aquarium sump Filter

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A simple and effective aquarium filter.


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  1. hey i have a 125gallon im looking at drilling and putting an overflow. watched the videos and i was guessing 20 gallon for my sump should be good? also what water pumps do you recommend using? lots of brands and stuff and i want the best for the value

  2. Hi Joey I built a tower for my sump with a drip plate and a cover on top of it, it seams to be working fine but the tank temp. been going up since I started using it.The tower is full of bio balls. The tank is reef ready botton drilled, I have two 90 ellbows to the top of the tower. Two external pumps, first pump to the main tank, the second pump goes thruogh the UV -protin skimmer and back into the sump. Have you had any problems with temp going up on a covered tower?

  3. I've found that my bacteria multiply much faster and feed a lot better, not submerged, but with the water flowing over or through the filter media. Have you experienced this as well?

  4. at what size tank ( i.e. how many gallons), should you have a wet/dry filter and/or a sump. Would it be required for a 75 gallon or 100 gallon. could i get away with just a simple under gravel filter for those tank sizes.



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