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  1. I tried it to my 1.5ft long aquarium with tetras but the air bubbles seemed to escape through the lill holes made towards the bottom.. what could i possibly be doing wrong?

  2. I feel like if you get some brackets on the tank corner sides, you could slip the sponge in and it would blend better into the back.

  3. Would this filter fix/help with an algae problem??

    Have an algae problem in my 240Liters aquerium, and nothing helps? Have a bottom filter rn

    Tomorrow we will nice the fish empty the water and spray H2O2, that should fix the problem forever. Aperently

  4. Joey? I've been thinking about using a sponge like that on top of and undergravel filter for a while now. I spoke with Penn plax who advised me to use that if I didnt want to use any substrate with the udf. I just got 2 cannister filters that I was going to put the intake into the uplift tubes but was advised it be better to go reverse thoughts? I know it sounds like it will be ugly but I have a scape/design in mind to fix it.

  5. Im planning on building this in the corner of my tank (4 the aesthetic) any recommendations on what to use to keep it in place? (i'd like to not spend that much)



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