HOW TO: EASY $7 DIY AQUARIUM LIGHT – pendant style

How to build an aquarium light for $7 in 3 simple steps!

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  1. I just installed 4 100 eq watt DAYLIGHT led bulbs a few inches above my water level. I think its 5500K. I can SEE my fish now, that's for sure. Its a 55 gallon long. I have already started to see a little bit of pearling (no co2).

    I hope they work as they are a cheap alternative to an "aquarium grow bulb". I am hoping for some algae growth as well.

  2. Hey Joey, have you done a diy metal halide? I've been trying to figure something out because they are so damn expensive! So if you haven't done one I would love to see it…

  3. Hi . I plan to get the 3 75-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light from Home Depot and planning to make a PVC stand . This is for my 40 G breeder. Will 3 such lights be enough with a 13 W 6500 K bulbs for a Low to Medium planted tank?

  4. I have a 30 Gallon bow front aquarium and a 30" Fluorescent bulb with it and I want to start up a reef tank finally and I was wondering if the light I have now would be bright enough to support soft corals and what kind of filter I should get since I'll be using live rock? If you can give me some advice when you have the time I'd appreciate it.

  5. Hey Joey, an excellent LED option for this setup would be the GE Reveal bulbs. They have good spread similar to the CFL's and a very high CRI which will compliment all colors in the aquarium! Plus they aren't too expensive

  6. You are very creative but still make it so simple! Now i was wondering is it possible to create an aquarium that does not need water changes not even a drip system, but a algae scrubber an external one that gets light on both sides i have heard thees being so efficient nitrate is unreadable. I would love to see you pull it off. thanks



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