HOW TO: Drill Acrylic

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Instructional video on how to drill acrylic using a hole saw.


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  1. hi can you show how to cut or grind the edges of an acrylic sheet in an angle so that 2 sheets can be joined i searched for it but could'nt find a tutorial anywhere and what tool should be used for that

  2. Hi Joey, I need to drill a hole on my skimmer cup. I will be going away and want to create an overflow tube to it but I'm afraid that the plastic cup will break. I have the SeaClone 150 I ordered a second one to try it. Any tips on how to drill on the side?


  3. You are absolutely correct , Slowing the speed down and using a drill press along with the wood backing , The wood prevents the drill bit grabbing the acrylic which can bust it very easily when the drill bit is almost through , One key thing is , Taking short cuts , Then backing out the bit very frequently to eject the chips which leads a lot to overheating , When the bit is hot to the touch , Let it cool before continuing , This also helps prevent melted acrylic

  4. As in the other comments , Slow the speed down but also take short cuts with light pressure , That is , Taking the hole saw or drill bit out frequently to eject the chips , This helps prevent excess heat build up , This is very important when drilling thick plastics to prevent the excess heat build up which can bog down the drill , Ruin your work piece , Overheat the drill bit which will draw the temper and ruin the bit , A drill press gives you much better control

  5. The melted acrylic is avoidable. You can avoid the melted acrylic by slowing down the drill and going down slow. I just drilled acrylic for the first time yesterday and it's something my dad taught me when using drills on heat sensitive material. Like someone said somewhere on here common sense and safety will take you a long way.

  6. whats wrong here is the speed is far too high. The drill should be at a slow speed and slow feed down, much better to use a drill press. the timber backing is recommended. The extruded acrylic has more in built stress than cast acrylic but don 't think it any softer. I have been in plastic industry 20 years and drilled lots holes in acrylic. A lot of questionable advice about.

  7. Spray spam non-stick cooking spray on the area of the cutting and this will reduce cleanups. The low temp oil will reduce heat buildup at the cutting site.

    Hope this will help others………………..Joel



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