HOW TO: Drill A Glass Aquarium

This is a video on how to drill a glass aquarium. While this may not be the method used by all, it is the method i have used to drill countless aquariums.

Drilling your aquarium will allow you to install a bulkhead. That bulkhead will then serve as your overflow to allow you to have a sump or some other sort of external filtration.

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  1. Can u recommend brand of hole saw to drill holes in tanks?
    Also could u make a manual drain pipe with the hole outlet at thst same height by adding a pipe inside the tank and have a ball valve on out side which i can open to drain out water? Could this work without loosing siphon?

  2. Or just look in the mirror with one eye and see if you can see your eye, if you don't see it then you will know if you have a polarized lens.

  3. I got a feeling this guy is gonna have a million subs one day.
    BTW…this was posted in 2013…not today, in 2018, just saying. I mean, I travel…in time, so…just believe what you read.

  4. Quick question, (great vids by the way). Are you leaving the arbor brill bit installed or removing it? Im referring to the actual drill bit in the arbor to normally keep the hole saw centered. It looked like you did but I would have thought it wouldnt be needed with a wood guide and that it might crack the glass.

  5. Hi, I have a question. If I want to remove overflow can I just simply get a piece of a glass and use silicone to patch the holes? Or I need to do something else?

  6. How do I make the guide? I'm thinking about drilling my 5 gallon Fluval Spec tank because it's already reliant on a sump and I don't want to worry about breaking the siphon. I accidentally broke the siphon while messing with my T5 light fixture and water went everywhere because I have a very high flow rate coming from my sump. I was thinking about drilling the side because my sump is actually only partly below my tank. My tank is a saltwater and I'm a little hesitant to take everything down but if drilling can prevent water from overflowing during a power outage, it would be worth it.



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