HOW TO: DIY Wet/Dry filter

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Sorry about the audio in this video, i have since upgraded my recording software.

This is a tutorial on how i built my the filter seen here:


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  1. Love your videos! I know you do mainly large builds, but I breed killifish and was wondering if there was a smaller version that would work for 5 and 10 gallon tanks. I read about a filter called a De-Bruyn Wet/Dry Filter that could go over the top of a smaller tank, but the instructions are a bit confusing and the build seems more complicated that it needs to be. Wondering if there was a way to scale down this type of filter, or to figure out how to plumb multiple small tanks into a larger central filter. Thanks!

  2. hi, im a big fan of your you tube channles, especially the one where you make a plywood aquarium, but i was wondering. just the way you make a plywood aquarium, can you also make or is it also possible to make a plywood sump custom to fit your stand on the inside.??? i was wondering because i would like to try to make one… whats your advice , since you have over 13 years of experience and you are the king of diy…

  3. Hi Joey . Just ordered a90 gallon 48 x18x25 with 2 holes at bottom corner. It will be 52 inch from the is in my office and opened to the living room wall..just above the t.v…is a 950 g.p.m pump good enough sitting in the wet dry system sitting on the floor? If I use this video for the sump pump system ? When is your book coming out? Will it have the "blue prints" for this system? I'm old fashion…I love books. Thank you in advance Joey .

  4. I'm making my own sump soon and I was wondering if 4mm acrylic was okay to use? Also where do you find the egg crate and mechanical filter sponge that you use? I've been looking around and found possible solutions but I'd like to try the ones you've used. Any help would be great! Love the channel and all that you do!

  5. When making one of these, how do you match the siphon out of the tank with the flow back into the tank. Obviously you can have a less powerful return pump, bit that would lead to the overflow not constantly taking in water. I'm confused on this, if anyone could please send links or clear it up. Thanks!



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