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This is a tutorial on how to build an LED light for your aquarium with out the need for tools, or previous skills needed. All materials came from rapid led

I found that to have a nice looking light, you need around 10 watts per square foot of tank. For a planted tank, 20 watts per square foot.
For a reef, 70 watts per square foot.


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  1. Where would you get a heat sink? How many heat sinks would you need for a tank that is 30 inches long? I have built my own wooden canopy/box to go over the top of my tank and it is only 6 inches tall. Would I be able to bolt the heat sink/light assembly straight to the box or does it need space between the box and the heat sink/light assembly? How many of each color would I need for each color to be good to grow plants (I would like enough light to grow even the most high light demanding plants)?

  2. damn dude… i checked out that LED site… cheapest thing i could find was more then $300 canadian… i get you probably wont see this and that the video was from 2012(it's now 2018) but thats an ouchy to the pocket book

  3. Just the video I've been looking for to show exactly what all the equipment looks like. Will be ditching the 4x T-5 system on my planted 120 for this arrangement.

  4. Cool video , I built your auto topoff project and it runs great thanks for that post but I just checked out rapid led and with their prices I can just purchase two black boxes with dimmers already assembled for 1/2 the price of one diy light. It's a real bummer cause I was getting the itch to do this project when I watched the video but should be cheaper if you have to assemble it in my opinion, thanks for the cool videos though I enjoy watching them all.

  5. I made this DIY project 2 years ago and it is more than enough to power my 75g reef aquarium. I think they are not even at 50% power and still achieving the recommended PAR levels for photosynthetic corals. I am wondering if you could show us a way to connect this light system to Neptune's Apex Controller?

  6. Did anybody realize how the fish reacted to the light color change? at 24:33 they went all down to the bottom of the tank. It is very interesting to see it. Maybe in their natural enviroment that precise color meant something, like a dangerous time of the day to be up in the top of the water because is when predators come around. Very interesting 🙂

  7. I'm wanting to build me a light fixture and was curious to to protect against moisture…all I've found heatsink wise without breaking the bank are the flat heatsink without any splash or moisture protection.

  8. Do you have an update video on this system after use. Does it grow plants in Co2 tanks? Would you have done anything differently or did it turn out just as you intended? … There are lots of vids about reef tanks but not much about planted tank lighting. Any tips on that.

  9. Hey, Joey- LOVE your videos man.  Good for you.  I think what you do is absolutely great.

    Question about the LEDs.  Is it possible that you could experience coral reef health and growth if you had enough of these strips laid out inside the gutter?  Like, 4 strips together instead of the one?  Would LOVE to hear back from you.  Thanks!

  10. How did you conceal the power sources? I don't think it will have a clean look with 4 drivers and their power cords running down to the wall/power strip?

  11. I cannot even belive there is a dislike button. Anyone who takes time out of their day and up loads any type of video, is cooler than you hitting that dislike button. 



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